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Check-In for Orientation will take place on Wednesday, January 22nd from 8:00 am- 10:00 am in the University Union Old Union Hall. Click here for a map of the Binghamton University campus. You will receive your Orientation Packet at this time. Exchange students will receive separate instructions from the Office of International Programs regarding check-in on Tuesday, January 21st.

If you arrive after 10:00 am, but before 12:00 pm, you will go to the University Union Tillman Lobby to check in. Click here for a map of the Binghamton University campus.

If you arrive after 12:00 pm, and are uncertain of where to go, check with the University Police, G-35 Cooper Administration Building (entrance at the rear of building, ground floor), or call 607-777-2393. Click here for a map of the Binghamton University campus. University police can give you a schedule of events for orientation and will direct you to where you need to go. Orientation events for graduate students end on Wednesday, January 22nd. Orientation events for undergraduate students continue to Friday, January 24. Undergraduate students should check the schedule of events for the full schedule of events.

If you will be a late arrival, you can also check in on Thursday morning, January 24th, after 8:30am at the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS). Staff at the ISSS office will be able to direct you where you need to go. Click here for a map of the Binghamton University campus.


Spring 2014 Orientation, which includes International Student Orientation, will provide you with information that you will not easily obtain at any other time. International Student Orientation provides essential information on:

  • US immigration regulations governing employment, travel and course load
  • University registration procedures
  • Academic success
  • Health insurance
  • Personal health and safety

Staff from the Office of International Student and Scholar Services will review your immigration documents and sign them. New international students in F-1 or J-1 visa status are eligible for a Social Security Number if they have an on-campus job offer. If you do not have an on-campus job offer, you will be able to apply for a Letter of Ineligibility. We will provide information on where to apply for either a Social Security Number or a Letter of Ineligibility at Orientation. These opportunities are offered only during the Spring 2014 International Student Orientation.

Because starting school without adequate preparation may be confusing, Orientation is a very important element in the transition that you will soon be making. The Spring 2014 International Student Orientation is designed to address your concerns as a new international student. You will be provided with ample opportunity to meet informally with "veteran" international and U.S. students, learn from their experiences and make new friends.

Even if you have attended another U.S. university and participated in an orientation program there, you will find the Spring 2014 International Student Orientation extremely useful - and a lot of fun. Each school has different policies and it is essential that you attend the necessary meetings to help you register for appropriate courses. It is much easier to meet people and get things done before everyone gets busy with classes for the semester.


In addition to University staff and faculty, Orientation Advisers (OAs) and Leadership Volunteers (LVs) help throughout the program to introduce you to the University. The OAs and LVs are current students, international and US citizens, who have participated in extensive training and are valuable sources of information. They serve as your guides, answer your questions, take you on campus tours and lead small-group discussions. They provide friendly faces for you during Orientation. You will be introduced to the OAs and LVs on the first day of the program.

To learn more about the ISSS staff, visit Who's Who in the ISSS Office.


New international students take a short English language proficiency examination during Orientation. The exam will be given on Wednesday, January 22nd, at 8:30 am. The schedule of events will provide you with the location of the examination.

You must take the exam if:

  • You have a TOEFL score under 106 IBT (263 CBT, 625 PBT)
  • TOEFL score under 95 IBT (250 CBT, 600 PBT) and you were educated in an English- medium institution
  • IELTS score under 8.0
  • You are ESL conditionally admitted

You may take only the writing part of the exam if:

· You have transferred from a U.S. college or university and you feel confident in your listening and speaking skills.

You do not need to take the exam if you are one of the following:

  • Students who scored 625 or higher on the paper based test of the TOEFL (263 on the computer based test or 106 -108 on the internet based test)
  • Students schooled in an English-medium institution who scored 600 or higher on the paper based test of the TOEFL (250 on the computer based test or 95 on the internet based test)
  • Students with a minimum IELTS score of 8.0
  • Students whose native language is English
  • If you are a School of Management graduate student, you are exempt from the ESL Placement Exam unless you have been admitted conditionally
  • Dual Diploma students unless they are conditionally admitted
If you have any further questions about the placement exam, please contact Jennifer Brondell, ESL Interim Program Director, at

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