"My participation in the Orientation Program gave me the opportunity to meet and work with other international students that enabled us to share our experiences. Meeting and working with other international students provided the opportunity for me to forge new friendships that have lasted as the year progressed, and I am proud to say that most of my friends and acquaintances at BU are those whom I had met for the first time at the Orientation program."
~ Binghamton University International Student

If you are a student in F-1 or J-1 status, your participation in Orientation is essential even if you have previously been a student at another US college or university. Each school has different policies, and it is essential that you attend the necessary meetings to help you register for appropriate courses. It is much easier to meet people and get things done before everyone gets busy with classes in the Spring.

Please note that the “New Student Fee” that will be included on your student bill supports services and events for new students, including Orientation. The fee is charged to all international undergraduate students in their initial semester. The New Student Fee for undergraduate students is $320. The New Student Fee for Undergraduate Exchange and Dual Diploma Students is $220. Your student bill will be issued after you register for courses.

In order to have a successful Orientation experience, please make sure to complete the following

  1. Register for International Student Orientation 
    • Step One: To register for Orientation you will need to know your “B number”. If you do not know your “B number”, go to On this webpage, click on the text box, “BU Brain Log In”, you will need your BU user id and password to access your B number.
    • Step Two: Register for International Student Orientation. This will take you to the “Register Now” web page. Complete the fields to create your own personal user account.
    • Step Three: Once you create your account you can register for Orientation. You will find that many of the fields on the form are pre-filled with your personal information. If any of the information is not correct, please email to request that a correction be made to your information.
    • Step Four: You will receive a confirmation e-mail from when you complete the registration process on-line. In the future you can log onto the system to view the status of your registration for Orientation, review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and easily contact Orientation staff.
  2. Arrange Your Housing
  3. Complete and Submit Your Health Forms
  4. Register For Courses
Please visit the following links for more information regarding:

Family and Friends Traveling With You: 
Your parents or guests are welcome to attend the first day of Orientation with you. You do not need to register them online. Upon your arrival at Check In, your guests will receive a program for the day and they are welcome to participate in the special events planned for students' families or guests.

Housing for family or friends traveling with you can be reserved at one of the hotels near campus. Reservations at local hotels need to be made early because many new students and their families will also be staying at local hotels during the Orientation period.

Visit the following link to find a complete list of hotels serving the Binghamton area:

Meals During Orientation: 
The time and place for meals during International Student Orientation will be announced in the Orientation Program which will be published to this website on January 10th. The student cost of attending the International Student Welcome Lunch, on Wednesday, January 22nd is included in the New Student Fee. You will need to pay for all other meals on Wednesday, January 22nd, with US dollars or a credit card.

On Thursday and Friday, January 22nd and 23rd, you will be able to eat your meals in University Dining Halls beginning with Brunch, at 11:00am on Thursday. Students who live off-campus and have not purchased a meal plan may purchase meals with cash.

To eat on campus beginning on Thursday, January 22nd or during the semester, undergraduate students that do not have a meal plan can pay cash or purchase a Meal Ticket plan from Sodexo Dining Services. The Meal Plan can be used both during Orientation and during the Spring 2014 semester. For more information on Dining Services on-campus and the cost for a Meal Plan, visit the Dining Services website:

If family members or guests are attending the first day of Orientation with you, you can arrange a ticket to the Welcome Lunch for each of them. The ticket to the Welcome Lunch will cost $20.00 for each guest.

To arrange a Welcome Lunch ticket for each of your guests, email Katie Barvinchak, International Student Advisor, at by January 15, 2014 and tell her how many guests you will be bringing to the Welcome Lunch. Payment for a guest's Welcome Lunch ticket will be made at the Welcome Lunch.

Parking On-Campus:
If you are driving to campus, you will need to follow Binghamton University's parking policies. To request a parking pass for the first day of Orientation, email Katie Barvinchak, International Student Advisor, at by January 15, 2014.

To park on-campus after the first day of Orientation you will need to make arrangements with Parking Services located on the ground floor of the Couper Administration Building. Visit their website for more information:

To review all of the guidelines for parking on campus go to:

Last Updated: 8/28/14