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All graduate students need to register for International Student Orientation. There are two costs associated with International Student Orientation:

·          The Orientation Program Fee of $100.00

·          The $54.00 cost for the Sodexo Meal Ticket Package, for meals during Orientation

Please note: In addition to registering for Orientation and paying the Orientation program fee, you must also purchase Sodexo Meal Tickets for your meals during International Student Orientation. We need to know you are coming to the meals so enough seating and food is available. If you have family members or friends coming to Orientation with you, be sure to also complete the section of the Orientation Registration form, “Guests”, and arrange for Sodexho Meal Tickets for each person coming with you to the meals during Orientation.

Register for International Student Orientation

Program Costs

Meals During Orientation 

Are Family or Friends Travelling With You?

Parking On-Campus

click here

The link above will take you to the on-line VZ Orientation Registration form. To register for Orientation you will need to know your B number. If you do not know your B number, go to On this webpage, click on the text box, “BU Brain Log In”, you will need your BU user id and password to access your B number.

We suggest you print out this page so you have it for reference while you register for Orientation.

  • Step One: Click on the Register for International Student Orientation link above. This will take you to the “Register Now” web page. Complete the fields to create your own personal user account.
  • Step Two: Once you create your account you can register for Orientation. You will find that many of the fields on the form are pre-filled with your personal information. If any of the information is not correct, please email to request that a correction be made to your information.
  • Step Three: Your registration is not finalized until you fill out the “Pay Now” section of the registration form. Regardless of when you pay for Orientation, you must click on the “Pay Now” link to complete your registration for Orientation. Payment of the $100 orientation fee can be made on-line using a U.S. credit card at the time you register for Orientation, or you can pay in August when you arrive at Binghamton University for International Student Orientation. Even if you pay upon arrival, it is still essential that you complete the Registration Form now so that we will know your plans to participate.
  • Step Four: Graduate students need to purchase Sodexo Meal Tickets at the time they register for the Orientation program so we know to expect you at the meals during Orientation. The cost of the Sodexo Meal Tickets for students registered for International Student Orientation is $54.00 and allows you to eat your meals on-campus in the assigned Dining Hall, during the three days of International Student Orientation, Monday, August 23-Wednesday, August 25, 2010. 
  • Step Five: If family members (or a friend) will accompany you to Orientation, you need to complete the “Guest” section of the Orientation reservation form. If your family (or friend) also wish to join you during the meals at Orientation you must purchase a set of Sodexo Meal Tickets for each of your guests at the time you register for Orientation. Purchase of Sodexo Meal Tickets lets us know to expect them at the meals. This is very important to do.
  • Step Six:You will receive a confirmation e-mail from when you complete the registration process on-line. In the future you can log onto the system to view the status of your registration for Orientation, review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and easily contact Orientation staff.

To cover the cost of the Orientation program, every graduate student who attends orientation must pay an Orientation fee. This fee includes all personnel costs, materials, social events, the Welcome Dinner and ongoing Orientation programs. The cost of Fall Orientation is $100.00. 


When you register for Orientation you need to purchase your Sodexo Meal Tickets. Meals included in the Sodexo Meal Ticket package include:  

  • Monday, August 23, 2010 – Lunch (The Welcome Dinner on Monday is covered by the Orientation Fee)
  • Tuesday, August 24, 2010 – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Wednesday, August 25, 2010 – Breakfast and Lunch

If you do not purchase Sodexo meal tickets in advance, you will have to pay for each meal separately with US dollars.


Your family or friends who accompany you to Binghamton University will also be able to purchase Sodexo Meal Tickets so they can join you for the Welcome Dinner on Monday, August 23rd and other Orientation meals in the Dining Hall. Guest Meal Ticket packages can be purchased at the time you register for Orientation for $84. The fee for Guest Meal Ticket packages is higher than the fee for student’s Sodexo Meal Ticket package because the cost for a student’s Welcome Dinner meal is covered by the Orientation program fee. 

Housing for family or friends travelling with you can be reserved at one of the hotels near campus. At this link you will find a complete list of hotels serving the Binghamton area: Reservations at local hotels need to be made early as many new students and their families will be staying at local hotels during the Orientation period.


If you are driving to campus, you will need to follow the parking policies of Binghamton University. On the first day of Orientation we will provide you with a parking pass if you let us know by Monday, August 9th, that you will need a parking pass for Monday, August 23, 2010.

To park on-campus after Monday, August 23, 2010 you will need to make arrangements with Parking Services located on the ground floor of the Couper Administration Building.

To review all of the guidelines for parking on campus go to:



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