Links To New York State Tax Forms and Publication IT-203

If you would like to fill out your New York State tax forms on the computer rather than handwrite them, the New York State Tax Department provides “fillable forms” on-line that can be printed from a computer.

The direct links are:

Form IT-203-B:
Form IT-203:
IT-203 Instructions:

You can save the information you type on form IT-203 but not IT-203-B. The IT-203 Instructions is a 72 page document.

Some pages from the IT-203 Instructions that you might find helpful are:
Pages 57-64 NYS Tax Tables
Page 34 Line 39 New York State Household Credit
Page 36 Sales or Use Tax
Page 39 How to request direct deposit of your tax refund
Page 43 How to assemble and mail your New York State tax forms

Last Updated: 8/28/14