Interpersonal Violence Prevention (IVP)

Interpersonal Violence Prevention (IVP) at Binghamton University works to reduce instances of and the traumatic impact of interpersonal violence across its community through education, coordination, treatment and linking students with information and resources. The services are available to provide support the Binghamton University community, survivor and/or their friends, parents and family members.

The program addresses all aspects of interpersonal violence, including:

  • Relationship or dating violence
  • Sexual Violence
  • Physical Violence
  • Emotional Violence
  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Family Violence
  • Bullying
  • Cyber Bullying 

For more detailed information regarding acts of interpersonal violence visit our Definitions page.

What to expect when working with the IVP Team

The IVP Team is comprised of one full-time staff member who serves as the coordinator and student staff including graduate and undergraduate interns and volunteers. The IVP team is available to provide information to the University community about healthy relationships and resources on and off campus. 

IVP team members report concerns and University policy violations to the Dean of Students Office. Information obtained in this process will be kept as private as possible. Students retain the right to choose whether or not to initiate criminal charges and/or file a formal complaint through the University grievance process. Members of the IVP team may have to disclose reported concerns to either the dean of students or Title IX coordinator according to state and federal guidelines. Concerns about immediate safety and risk of harm are likely to be reported to University authorities immediately.

For contact information and directions to our office, visit the Contact Us webpage.


Last Updated: 10/15/15