Contact IVP

The IVP Program is operated under the umbrella of Binghamton University's Health and Counseling services, all services are private and free of charge. Those interested in IVP assistance or who have questions can contact the IVP team in the following ways:

Location: IN-B05
Entrance on lower left side of Health Services. 
Phone: 607-777-3062 
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30a.m.-5p.m. 


For Emergencies

UPD (traditional business hours) - 911 or 607-777-2393
CVAC hotline (24/7) - 607-722-4256


Referrals and Response

Cases can also be self-referred or referred by an outside party or department to the IVP program by contacting the IVP team. It is recommended that referral sources initiate the referral by contacting the IVP Coordinator directly or by sending an email to the student and cc'ing the IVPC, Jessica Krohn. Please see the sample email below. The IVPC will then reply to the student and explain resources available.

Hi Student,

When we talked on DATE OF VISIT/CONTACT, I thought you might want to connect with the University's Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator, Jessica Krohn, to get more support, information on resources available and advocacy. I cc'd Jessica on this email so the two of you could connect.

It is strongly encouraged for the student and/or referral person to contact the IVP team or IVPC so that the IVPC can follow up with the student after the initial emergency has been addressed.


Jessica KrohnIVPC, Jessica Krohn, LMSW

To schedule an appointment or check the availability of the IVPC, Jessica Krohn, please visit
Email the IVPC at


Meet the Team

Students may also connect with the IVP Graduate Team.
To schedule an appointment with the IVP Graduate team, please visit
Email the IVP Graduate Team at  


Mailing Address

University Health and Counseling
Binghamton University
PO Box 6000
Binghamton, NY 13902-6000

Last Updated: 7/10/14