File a Report

If you have been sexually assaulted or raped, or if think you have been but are not sure, it’s your decision whether you file a report or not. If there is a chance you’ll want to report the incident, either now or in the near future, evidence should be collected within 96 hours of the incident. Evidence can be collected at a local emergency room: UHS Binghamton General Hospital or Lourdes Hospital. Sexual Assault Forensics Examiner (SAFE) nurses conduct a SAFE examination and can serve as an expert witness should you decide to make a formal report. To learn more about SAFE examinations, click here.

If you choose to report the sexual assault, there are various options available to you. Some of these options require you to provide your name and contact information; in some cases this information can be kept confidential if you request it.


You have the RIGHT to an advocate at any time

Advocacy is available through the Dean of Students Office and from Crime Victim Assistance Center (CVAC) by calling 607-722-4256. For information on advocate services visit our Role of an Advocate page.


Formal reports can be filed with:


Informal reports can be filed with:


Last Updated: 8/12/14