Become an Intern!

Students receive a unique and skillful experience working closely together on the Interpersonal Violence Prevention team. Students work throughout the week on education presentations or outreach events. Both the education and outreach team have various responsibilities and build the IVP program stronger.

The IVP internship is conducted through the CDCI and counts as a four credit internship. Students enrolled in the IVP internship complete 120 hours throughout the semester. Students attend a two hour seminar each week along with completing ten intern presents her final projectjournal entries on relevant IVP topics. Students are required to do a midterm and final
project on an IVP topic of their choice. The midterm and final is designed to be one large project that will contribute to the IVP team. The midterm is a small piece of the final project. For example students in the past have made new IVP presentations, created an awareness video, and even updated this very website!


Join the Education Team:

The education team creates and facilitates presentations to different groups on campus on a range of IVP topics, such as but not limited to: IVP basics, rape culture, healthy relationships and being an IVP UP-stander. Check out our IVP Education page for various examples of IVP presentations that have already been created!


Join the Outreach Team:

The Outreach and awareness team helps spread awareness about IVP issues and services to the Binghamton University community through tabling, creating awareness events, developing outreach material, and managing the IVP social media accounts. Check our our IVP Outreach page to see our various outreach materials!


Please fill out our Internship Application as well as sending your cover letter and resume to to apply for the internship.

Last Updated: 1/10/15