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IVP offers an array of presentations on various interpersonal violence related topics. We can present them upon request and fit the presentation in the time frame allotted. Here are some of the presentations that we already have; however, upon request we can tweak or create a presentation concerning your event. 

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Presentation Name


Orientation Advisor Training

(3 hours)

Review of rape culture, causes of IV, perspectives about what is a healthy and unhealthy, review of warning signs and power and control wheel, Who Are You video, understanding consent, Rape Myths, victim blaming, Bystander Intervention, how to respond to a victim, and resources available.

Sex and Respect,

The Binghamton Way

Review of IV, consent, healthy and unhealthy, review warning signs, rape myths, Who Are You video (among others) bystander intervention, reporting and available supports and resources.

Being Part of the Intervention

Review of IV, impact, prevalence, rape culture, reporting barriers, brief introduction to policies and mandates, resources and how to respond.

Women's Consent and Empowerment

Review perspectives about social norms and gender roles, prevalence of sexual assault, barriers to reporting, consent, serial rapists, rape culture, case example- Steubenville case, empowerment message of support and bystander intervention.

RA Training

Review perspectives about social norms and gender roles, continuum of violence, warning signs, cycle of violence, victim coping behaviors, prevalence, resources available.

IVP Intro

Basic introduction to the fact that IV exists and that there are supports and resources available.


Prevalence, review of bullying, warning signs, bullying behaviors, video samples, cyber bullying, techniques of cyber bullying, effects of being bullied, risk factors, what to do, resources available and how to respond.

Emotional Manipulation

Understanding and identifying emotional manipulation (EM), types of EMs, tools used by EMs, Victim coping strategies, how to help.

Stalking and Harassment

Understanding IV, video on street harassment, discussion on stalking, internet safety, harassment and stalking in the media, agree/disagree game that reviews rape myths, discussion on content, rape culture.

Healthy Lovin',

The Binghamton Way

Overview of IV, agree/disagree game, discussion about what people look for in a partner, brief review of emotional manipulation, barriers to reporting, 911 call, continuum of IV, dating myths and norms, prevalence, cycle of violence, victim coping strategies, warning signs, responding and resources available.

Neurobiology of Trauma and Trauma Informed Care

Understanding Trauma, Trauma Informed Care (TIC), Adverse Childhood Experiences study reviewed, understanding the brain and how it responds to trauma.

Rape Culture

Overview of IV, discussion on rape culture, review case example, Steubenville from male and female perspectives, review of victim blaming, and bystander intervention.

Violent Culture

Overview of IV, discussion on violent culture, effects of violent culture, bystander intervention.

Respect and Harassment

Overview of IV, understanding sexual harassment and harassment, review myths about gender roles and how it correlates with sexual harassment, video samples, safety apps, understanding consent, bystander intervention, victim rights and resources available.

Compassion and Communication

Review of university mission, understanding compassion, empathy and sympathy, verbal and nonverbal communication, needs and feelings, and effective communication.

Volunteer Orientation

Overview of IV and IVP program, confidentiality, presentation tips, outreach tips, tabling etiquette, and IVP basics.

IVP Basics

Overview of IV, harassment, stalking, consent, the impact of IV, prevalence, rape culture, barriers to reporting, policies and mandates, responding, reporting and resources available.

Last Updated: 1/12/17