Student services

Interpersonal Violence Prevention uses a multi-systemic and collaborative approach with the Binghamton University community. The program is operated under the umbrella of Binghamton University's Health and Counseling services, all services are private and free of charge.   The Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator (IVPC), Jessica Krohn, is here to provide victim-centered guidance, referrals and advocacy to students, living on and off campus, who have questions about or have been a victim of interpersonal violence.  Interpersonal violence includes harassment (in person and online), stalking, bullying, relationship and/or dating violence, sexual coercion, assault and rape. The IVP program  provides an environment of support for survivors of interpersonal violence as well as those who are concerned for others. 

Students interested in assistance from the IVP program, or have questions, can contact the IVP Team at

The IVPC, Jessica Krohn, can be reached by email at  To schedule an appointment or to check her availability, please visit

For more information on how to get in touch with the IVP team, visit our Contact Us page.

Last Updated: 1/21/15