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Upcoming College of Jewish Studies Lectures

From The Reporter (Marti Klionsky)

CJS opening program on April 30: "Cotton and Capital"

Michael Cohen

The College of Jewish Studies will open its spring series of lectures focusing on the theme of "Jews from Main Street to Wall Street" on Thursday, April 30, at 7:30 pm, at the Jewish Community Center, 500 Clubhouse Rd., Vestal.
The speaker will be Professor Michael Cohen, who will speak on "Cotton and Capital: Jewish Economic Networks in the 19th Century Gulf South." In describing his topic, Cohen told the CJS committee that "prior to the Civil War, a significant number of Jewish peddlers opened general stores in emergent cotton towns in the South. They were able to establish an early presence on the margins of the cotton industry. These Jewish merchants established direct family and ethnic connections with fellow Jews in major markets across the globe. This allowed their early toehold in the cotton industry to quickly grow into larger ethnic economy, catapulting the Southern Jewish merchant toward the middle class."

CJS lecture on May 14: "Jews and the Making of the New South"

Leonard Rogoff

The second lecture of the College of Jewish Studies series on "Jews from Main Street to Wall Street" will be delivered by Leonard Rogoff, a historian and writer of Jewish history in the southern states. The program will be held on Thursday, May 14, at 7:30 pm, at the Jewish Community Center, 500 Clubhouse Rd., Vestal.

Leonard Rogoff's talk is "Commerce in the Countryside: Jews and the Making of the New South." He told the CJS committee that he will focus on the growth of the New South, especially the Southeast, and the role Jews played as peddlers, merchants and industrialists, in the transition from an agrarian to an urban, industrial economy. Jewish peddlers, merchants and manufacturers he said played an "instrumental" role in transforming the South from an agrarian to an urban, industrial society. Following economic distribution routes, primarily railroads, Jews brought commerce to the countryside.

Individual lectures for the College of Jewish Studies series cost $8 for general admission, or $5 for seniors. Fees are payable at the door. Students can attend for free.

Welcoming New Faculty

From BU Pipe Dream:

The University has selected Shay Rabineau as the first Israel Studies professor to begin teaching in August and plans to hire the second professor next year for fall 2016 and the third for the following fall semester. Both will be vetted and interviewed by faculty in the same process that Rabineau went through, but there are no requirements for candidates with particular specialties within the field.

Rabineau received his Ph.D. from the department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies at Brandeis University in 2013, and is the trail research consultant for the Abraham Path, a long-distance walking trail that spans the Middle East and traces the journey of biblical figure Abraham.

New Minor Approved

A new Minor in Israel Studies is now 'on-line.' For more information on courses and requirements, please visit the Israel Studies website.

Combined (Fast Track) JUST-MPA Program

An MPA degree is a professional degree for those interested in public service careers in management. It is ideal for individuals who are committed to public service and would like to be a leader in a public or nonprofit organization.
Binghamton University's MPA program:
*prepares students for management careers in public and nonprofit organizations,
*provides students with opportunities to gain real world experience while making a difference in the community,
*has an energetic faculty committed to students, teaching, and community service, and
*offers combined (fast-track) BA-MPA programs in Asian and Asian American Studies, Political Science, Romance Languages, Theatre, Environmental Studies, Judaic Studies, and PPL.
Please feel free to contact Kristina Lambright at with any questions regarding the information session.

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