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Department faculty are featured at two College of Jewish Studies events in town. For more information, visit our CJS page.

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The Department of Judaic Studies invites you to an upcoming talk:

A Conversation about Judaism, Homosexuality, and Same-Sex Marriage with Rabbi Chaim Rapoport

Friday, March 18 at Noon

Harpur Edge Conference Room

Library Tower First Floor

RSVP Required:

Welcoming New Faculty

From BU Pipe Dream:

The University has selected Shay Rabineau as the first Israel Studies professor to begin teaching in August and plans to hire the second professor next year for fall 2016 and the third for the following fall semester. Both will be vetted and interviewed by faculty in the same process that Rabineau went through, but there are no requirements for candidates with particular specialties within the field.

Rabineau received his Ph.D. from the department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies at Brandeis University in 2013, and is the trail research consultant for the Abraham Path, a long-distance walking trail that spans the Middle East and traces the journey of biblical figure Abraham.

New Minor Approved

A new Minor in Israel Studies is now 'on-line.' For more information on courses and requirements, please visit the Israel Studies website.

BU’s Danon has personal connection to Sephardic studies

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman (orig. published in "The Reporter")

A family connection sparked Dina Danon’s interest in Sephardic studies: her paternal grandmother spoke Ladino, a Judeo-Spanish dialect. When she was young, the assistant professor in the Judaic Studies Department at Binghamton University “thought it was cool that my grandmother spoke a different language” and loved listening to Ladino folktales. However, it was only during her undergraduate work at the University of Pennsylvania that Danon really became excited about studying history.

Her specialty is history with a focus on Sephardic Jewry. When she was at Stanford University, her doctoral research centered on the Jewish community of Izmir, because of yet another family connection: her father’s family originally came from that area.

Link to the full story in The Reporter.

Religious Studies in the News

"Binghamton University's religious studies program focuses on the academic study of religion as a significant social force in all cultures and in all ages."

Read about the program in the Press-Sun Bulletin.

Combined (Fast Track) JUST-MPA Program

An MPA degree is a professional degree for those interested in public service careers in management. It is ideal for individuals who are committed to public service and would like to be a leader in a public or nonprofit organization.
Binghamton University's MPA program:
*prepares students for management careers in public and nonprofit organizations,
*provides students with opportunities to gain real world experience while making a difference in the community,
*has an energetic faculty committed to students, teaching, and community service, and
*offers combined (fast-track) BA-MPA programs in Asian and Asian American Studies, Political Science, Romance Languages, Theatre, Environmental Studies, Judaic Studies, and PPL.
Please feel free to contact Kristina Lambright at with any questions regarding the information session.

Last Updated: 8/8/16