Open Letter from LACAS Faculty to University Leaders

November 21, 2016


Dear President Harvey Stenger and University Leaders,

We, faculty members affiliated with the Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies (LACAS) Program at Binghamton University, would like to affirm our commitment to defend, support, and stand in solidarity with Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino/a students, faculty, and staff and all others who may feel their rights, safety, or dignity are under attack.  We feel compelled to make this statement in light of a divisive national election and overt acts of racism, sexism, and xenophobia.  We are in the midst of a context of political and legal uncertainty, which has in and of itself increased fear, anxiety, and stress for many students, families, and their communities. We see our commitment as a natural extension of our program’s mission to cultivate awareness and appreciation for the historical processes, cultural dynamics, and social and economic problems affecting people of Latin America and the Caribbean and Latina/os in the U.S.  

We will work with you to ensure that Binghamton University fulfills its historic ideals as an inclusive and internationally oriented institution that welcomes and protects students regardless of race, faith, disability, class, nationality, ethnicity, immigration status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.  We call on University leaders to take the concerns of our community members seriously and to take proactive steps to guarantee the rights of all of our students to their education and safety, and the rights of all of our colleagues and co-workers to safe and supportive working conditions.



Nancy Appelbaum, Director, LACAS, and Professor, History

Susan Appe, Assistant Professor, Public Administration

Anne Bailey, Associate Professor, History and Africana Studies

Ana Maria Candela, Assistant Professor, Sociology

Sandra María Casanova-Vizcaíno, Assistant Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures

Lubna N. Chaudhry, Associate Professor, Human Development

Robyn Cope, Assistant Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures

Juanita Díaz-Cotto,  Professor, Sociology

Elizabeth A. DiGangi, Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Carmen A. Ferradás, Associate Professor, Anthropology

Leslie Gates, Associate Professor, Sociology

Óscar F. Gil-García, Assistant Professor, Human Development

Thomas Glave, Professor, English

Gladys Jiménez Muñoz, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Director, Sociology

Maria Lugones, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature

Giovanna Montenegro, Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature and Spanish

Luiza Franco Moreira, Professor, Comparative Literature

Joshua Price, Professor, Sociology and TRIP

Jessie Reeder, Assistant Professor, English

Idaliz Román Pérez, Adjunct Lecturer, LACAS

Ana Ros, Associate Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures

Nadia M. Rubaii, Associate Professor, Public Administration

Odilka Santiago, Adjunct Lecturer, LACAS

Leo Wilton, Professor, Human Development

Kai Wen Yang, Adjunct Lecturer, LACAS


Click here for LACAS' Spring 2017 Course List 



Winter 2017 Class 

LACS 307: "Latin@/Latin American and Caribbean Pop Culture"

(Distance Learning/ Dec 17th-January 13th) 

Instructor: Idaliz Roman Perez 

This course examines the production and consumption of Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latin@ pop culture. It explores the richness and diversity of Latin American and Caribbean cinematography, comic books, soap operas, popular performances, but particularly music. The course also examines the role of race, class, gender and sexuality in shaping the production and consumption of diverse cultural forms. We will delve into issues of authenticity, hybridity, globalization and trans-nationalism and how these terms relate to the formation of contemporary cultural expressions and musical icons. Fulfills C, A, and G requirements!






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