We would like to thank all of the faculty who have supported our program over the years. We look foward to working with you again, and with additional faculty in the future.

Faculty Involvement Ideas

We always appreciate creativity, and if you have a unique way of working with Late Nate, email us your ideas and we will add them to our list!

  • Announce Late Nite events in your class. Offer to go with your students - Late Nite events can be fun for you too!
  • Offer Extra Credit for certain events, some examples include:
    • Attending concerts, film-related programs.
    • Late Nite members who write a paper detailing how their work with the Late Nite program correlates with their class work.
  • Have discussions about topics, movies or shows that are presented at Late Nite.
  • If you have Facebook, become a friend/fan of Late Nite.
  • We are constantly educating our members. Come present at our monthly meeting. If you have a lesson on how to market better, life management, career tips, etc., we want to hear from you. Please contact Jennifer Keegin (777-2811) for more information.

Most Importantly...

Keep an eye on the Late Nite faculty page and look for our Faculty Want Ads. We will be posting these ads when looking for faculty help, connections, and discussions at Late Nite events.



Last Updated: 7/25/14