Student Organizations

The Late Nite Binghamton program provides funding and support for Student Organizational programs and events that enhance student life.  Late Nite events are held in the University Union on Fridays and Saturdays from 8pm to 1am. The event should be free to students, unless previously agreed upon with the Late Nite Program Coordinator.


Student group programs hosted with Late Nite that fulfill ALL of our requirements will be paid $50.  If your group purchases additional supplies, equipment, food, prizes, etc. for your event, Late Nite will reimburse your organization up to $100 (all receipts must be submitted in order for reimbursement to occur).  Funding options are variable at the discretion of Late Nite (ie: if we are paying for items such as film rentals, performers, etc).

Requirements for Reimbursement

  • Completed Event Hosting Worksheet Copies of any advertising your group is doing (with Late Nite Binghamton noted on the ads).
  • Completed and signed Event Checklist (Download HERE or receive at your meeting with the coordinating Graduate Assistant for your weekend).
  • All receipts for reimbursement.  Reimbursement paperwork must be filed with your coordinating Graduate Assistant by the end of the semester in which your event occurred, or you will forfeit your reimbursement.

In order to host an event with Late Nite please fill out the Event Hosting worksheet and bring it to the Late Nite Office (University Union 008, Dickinson Side) at least TWO WEEKS prior to your event. There are a maximum number of events we can hold each night, so plan as early as possible and have backup dates if necessary.

Please note: Filling out the event hosting worksheet does not guarantee Late Nite will support your event. Please Contact Us with Questions:

Campus Activities Office
UU 008

Last Updated: 9/28/16