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East Asian Gifts posterEast Asian Gifts: Selections from Special Collections | Fall 2013

This exhibit features various gifts to Binghamton University and is a tribute to the generosity of our donors. Featured are works of calligraphy, scrolls, woodblock prints, and books.

East Asian Gifts will be on display throughout the Fall 2013 semester and is located in Special Collections on the second floor of the Glenn Bartle Library. Special Collections is open 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday – Friday.


Story of the Stone posterThe Story of the Stone: East Asian Gardens at Binghamton University Libraries | Fall 2013

The gardens of Japan, China, and Korea have been admired as aesthetic marvels, botanical wonders, and architectural feats, displaying the wealth of private citizens, and beautifying the holy grounds of temples. On display at Bartle Library are East Asian Garden books and materials from the Libraries' collections. This exhibit is in honor of the 49th annual meeting of the New York Conference on Asian Studies (NYCAS) here at Binghamton.

This exhibit runs through the Fall 2013 semester on the second floor of the Glenn G. Bartle Library.


AviationAviation at the Science Library | Fall 2013

Discover the rich early history of Aviation through books and materials from the Science Library and Special Collections.  The exhibit focuses on early innovations and public perceptions of flight; the impact of female and African-American aviators on overcoming gender and racial barriers; and the influence of Edwin A. Link Jr. and Marion C. Link who had tremendous impact on training and flight simulation and donated thousands of items to Special Collections.

The exhibit runs through the Fall 2013 semester in the Information Commons of the Science Library.


 Lobby Cards in Special CollectionsLet's All Go to the Lobby: Lobby Cards in Binghamton University Libraries' Special Collections | Summer 2013

Lobby cards, were used to advertise a film, and were similar to posters but smaller, usually 11 in × 14 in. Lobby cards made their first appearance in the early 1910s but are generally no longer used in U.S. theaters and rarely produced for today's films. As the name suggests, these small posters were designed for display in a theater's lobby with the intention of luring patrons into the theater by showing glimpses of key scenes from the movie.

Let's All Go to the Lobby displays a number of lobby cards from Binghamton University Libraries' Special Collections. Graphic and colorful, this collection represents a wide variety of film genres. The exhibit provides a fascinating sample of lobby cards from the collection.

The exhibit is located in Special Collections on the second floor of the Bartle Library and will be on display through the Summer. Special Collections is open Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 3:00pm.


Bartle Film posterFilms Strike a Pose! The Bartle Library Cinema Collection | Summer 2013

Binghamton University's cinema collection includes books, magazines and journals, DVDs, and yes, films. The history, theory, criticism, cinematography, and social and artistic impact of popular, documentary, and experimental films are explored in depth in the collection. DVD and VHS titles can be checked out at the Newcomb Reading Room Circulation Desk.

The cinema holdings have been greatly enhanced by several donations of Allan Rogg, a New York based private collector and bibliographer, to the Libraries starting in 2006. His gifts include over 9,000 monographs spanning over one hundred years (1893-2010). Most of the Allan Rogg Collection of Modern Cinema can be found in the Fine Arts Library Stacks. However, several limited editions and unique and fragile items are housed in Special Collections.

The Summer 2013 exhibition is in the Glenn G. Bartle Library on the second floor cases off the main stairway.



Mathmade Forms PosterMath Made Forms: An exploration of Mathematical Models | Summer 2013

Come to the Science Library and see for yourself how math can be visualized through knitting, crochet, and origami. Mathematical models take three dimensional shape in the exhibit Math Made Forms: An Exploration of Mathematical Models. On display are various models depicting hyperbolic space and polyhedra. These models are handcrafted by Binghamton University Libraries' faculty and staff. Also featured are books and resources to help you learn more about these fascinating geometric shapes, as well as how to make your own.


The exhibit runs from June 11th - September 3rd, 2013. The exhibit is located in the display cases in the Science Library Information Commons.


Decameron PosterLove & Sex In The Decameron | Spring 2013

To escape the Black Death ravaging  Florence, ten young people - seven women and three men - flee to the countryside where, to pass the time, each tells one tale per night for ten days. These one hundred novellas form The Decameron (ca. 1350-3) by Giovanni Boccaccio. The Decameron weaves a kaleidoscopic web of stories of love, vice, deception, wit, and tragedy; of lusty monks, traveling merchants, adulterous wives, lovesick suitors, and jealous lovers. The tales, meant to both instruct and delight, display Giovanni Boccaccio's passion for a tale well told.

This Library exhibit features reproductions from Boccaccio titles in Special Collections, books from the Bartle Library stacks, and images from our Digital Image Collections relating to the themes of "Love and Sex" illustrated in the Decameron. Visit the exhibition Love and Sex in the Decameron on the second floor of the Bartle Library, Jan 28th through Summer 2013.

This exhibition is in support of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Spring Conference Boccaccio at 700: Medieval Contexts and Global Intertexts, April 26-27, 2013.


Plague PosterBoccaccio's Plague and the Black Death |

Spring 2013

While you spend the semester avoiding the flu, come to the Science Library to read about the Plague! View our Boccaccio's Plague exhibit to learn about an illness so devastating it was termed "The Black Death." As a tribute to the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Conference in April, the Science Library views the plague through Boccaccio's The Decameron written in the mid-14th century in Italy. When did the plague break out? How far did it spread? What effect did it have on Religion? And what medical techniques were used to treat the stricken? Various texts answer these question and more, and will be on display from January 28 through May 19th.

This exhibition is in support of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Spring Conference Boccaccio at 700: Medieval Contexts and Global Intertexts, April 26-27, 2013.

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