Trial Databases

Trials are only accessible on-campus only.  

Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy (CMIE)

India's leading business and economic database provider. The trial provides access to each of the following CMIE databases:

Economic Outlook
States of India (state level stats)
Industry Outlook (historical time series)
Commodities (Indian commodity prices)
Prowess (Indian Company data)
CapEx (creation of new capacities)

Each user has to register for his/her own username and password by selecting the "register" link on the homepage of any service. This needs to be done only for one service and then can be used on any of the websites.

This trial will end on April 28, 2015. Contact: Colleen Hailey

Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection - Henry Stewart Talks 

Henry Stewart Talks publishes animated audio visual presentations by leading world experts - advanced content in a user friendly format.  Every talk has been specially commissioned with informative visuals and synchronized narration.  The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection provides immediate access to over 1,500 online seminar style talks presented by many of the world's leading experts including a number of Nobel Laureates.

Password – MEMBER

This trial will end on June 30, 2015. Contact: Erin Rushton


Provides official trade statistics and relevant analytical tables. It contains annual trade statistics starting from 1962 and monthly trade statistics since 2010. Results of searches can be easily downloaded.
User Name: binghamton1
Password: quqepuce

This trial will end on April 30, 2015. Contact: Sarah Maximiek 

CQ Voting and Elections Collection

Provides documents on elections, parties, voter behavior, and campaigns. Extract election results by meaningful characteristics: candidate, office, locality, and race type over time. Access U.S. election results across states with great historical depth and accuracy.

This trial will end on May 3, 2015. Contact Sarah Maximiek

Legislative Insight

ProQuest Legislative Insight is a federal legislative history service that makes available professionally researched compilations of digital full-text congressional publications relevant to enacted U.S. public laws.

This trial will end on April 10, 2015. Contact: Dave Vose


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