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The new academic streaming source for the best in social issue and documentary film. Exclusive academic streaming for films from renowned leaders in documentary film distribution including: Bullfrog Films, Icarus Films, and Collective Eye.

This trial will end on March 8, 2015. Contact: Caryl Ward

Krokodil Digital Archive

Krokodil (Russian: Крокодил, "Crocodile") was a satirical magazine published in the Soviet Union. Founded in 1922, it was first published as a supplement for Rabochaia gazeta. Although political satire was dangerous during much of the Soviet period, Krokodil was given considerable license to lampoon political figures and events.

This trial will end on February 26, 2015. Contact: Jean Green


Provides access to more than 6,500 videos from major educational film producers and distributors in a wide variety of subject areas. Included are the following popular collections: Criterion Collection, Symptom Media, PBS, Green Planet Films, First Run Features, California Newsreel, BBCActive, NEVCO and German Film.

Contact: Caryl Ward

Last Updated: 2/6/15