Welcome to the Binghamton University Libraries Tutorials, originally launched Fall 2012. This suite of tutorials have been designed to teach students critical analysis and information literacy concepts through the use of interactive elements to engage learning.

There are 8 basic tutorials and 3 subject-specific tutorials that take 15 to 45 minutes to complete. The tutorials are available through Blackboard and are intended to be assigned to students by their instructors. At the end of each tutorial the student will have an opportunity to take a quiz and receive a personalized certificate of completion.

The first 8 tutorials were developed and authored by a Binghamton University Libraries Task Force: Angelique Jenks-Brown, Anne Larrivee, Benjamin Andrus, Caryl Ward, Colleen Hailey, Jill Dixon, Julie Wang, and Sarah Maximiek; the web interface was created by a graduate student in Computer Science, Prateek Kansal; "Tutorial 8: Online Privacy and Social Media" was made in collaboration with the University Career Development Center. Tutorials 9 through 11 were developed and authored by the Subject Librarians Angelique Jenks-Brown, Lee Cummings and Elizabeth Brown, with the web interface created by Sai Kiran Rathan, a Computer Science graduate student. The tutorials are integrated into Blackboard with assistance from University Training and Development (Carol Bell). Last but not least, this project was funded by the Provosts' Academic and Faculty Development Fund. Contact Angelique Jenks-Brown ( ajbrown@binghamton.edu , 777-4596) with any questions or comments.

Last Updated: 7/22/14