Faculty/Instructor Course Reserves FAQ

What are Physical and Electronic Reserves?

Course Reserve materials are items set aside by instructors for use by a specific group of students for a specific course and semester.

Physical Course Reserves

Personal and Library owned copies of books and DVD's etc. with 2hr., 3hr., 1 day and 2 day loan periods. These items are stored in the Newcomb Reading Room and may be checked out with a valid BU ID. These items are meant to stay in circulation. Fees are associated with late returns. .02/per minute for 2hr. and 3h materials. $3.oo per day for 1 and 2 day loans.

Electronic Course Reserves

Electronic Reserves allows your course materials to be available to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through your course page on Blackboard. If you are new to Blackboard and thinking about using it, instructor help is available at the University Center For Training and Development.

What can be placed on Electronic Reserves?

Materials written by the instructor (e.g.: syllabi, lecture notes, sample exams, problem sets, homework solutions)
A chapter from a book
An article from a journal
Student papers (Student permission is required; please complete and submit Printable Form to service desk.)
Links to articles in journals owned in electronic full-text by Binghamton University Libraries Links to books owned in electronic full-text by Binghamton University Libraries

What cannot be placed on Electronic Reserves?

Scanned print books
Reproductions exceeding one book chapter
Electronic copies of audio, video, or image files

How do I submit a request for Reserves?

Fill out an online reserve request form or stop at the Bartle, UDC, Science or Newcomb Reading room service desks.
Give us a full citation for the book chapters or articles that you want placed on Electronic Reserves, even for those which you provide copies of.
If you do wish to provide us with photocopies to scan, they must be clean, first-generation, single-sided, and unstapled.
You can also send us your PDF and word files as email attachments, in place of providing photocopies of those items.


Tips for successful processing

Submit your reserve request form at least six prior to the first day of class.  
Supply the library with current personal copies of textbooks and other required course purchases.
All other purchase requests should be made as far in advance as possible, ideally six weeks in advance of the beginning of the semester.
Ordering decisions are made through collaboration between Reserves staff and the selector for your discipline. There is no separate fund for Reserves and subject-area collection budgets are limited. Requests for textbooks and other required course purchases tend to strain existing collection budgets. The Libraries may not be able to purchase all requests for these items.

More Tips for successful processing

Items from the Libraries' collections should be brought directly to the Reserves staff or a service desk along with your reserve request form.
If you are a new instructor or this is a new course, you should consider contacting your subject librarian before submitting any purchase request.

When do I need to submit my request for Reserves?

Ideally, reserve request lists for either physical or electronic reserves should be submitted at least six weeks before the start of classes to allow for acquisition of material. In general, lists received three weeks in advance of the semester will be processed to the best of our ability before the first day of classes. Any lists submitted after that time will be processed in the order in which they are received. Additionally, the Libraries may need to seek permission from copyright holders to place certain materials on electronic reserve. Therefore, late submissions may not be completely ready before the start of classes.

How will my students find course readings?

Also see Course Reserves Information for Students on how students access reserves.)

For physical reserves, go to Library Catalogue.  Select Reserves Course Number from the drop-down.  Enter course number.   

For electronic reserves, they can access the reserve materials by logging into Blackboard and clicking on your course listed on their Blackboard homepage. They then can click on “Course Reserves” and will find items arranged by author and title.

How can I get more information?

You can stop by a service desk or contact the Reserves departments directly:

Main Library Reserves: 
(607) 777-3940

Last Updated: 8/29/13