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Reader Services staff and student workers oversee circulation, course reserves services, and manage the graduate study carrels.  Read more...


Bartle Reader Services Desk 607-777-2194

Newcomb 607-777-3930| Science 607-777-2166|UDC 607-777-9225 


Reader Services for Faculty, Staff & Students

Upon presentation of a validated Binghamton University ID card, the following privileges are extended:

Faculty and University Staff, Emeritus/Emeriti Faculty

  • 200 items at a time.
  • Books, microforms, and government documents may be borrowed for one year.
  • Journals circulate for 2 weeks.
  • Current periodicals are due at 5 p.m. the day borrowed.
  • Science Library maps and atlases circulate for 4 weeks.

Graduate & Ph.D. Students

  • Limit of 200 items at a time.
  • Books, microforms, and government documents may be borrowed for one year.
  • Journals circulate for 2 weeks.
  • Current periodicals are available for in-library use.
  • Science Library maps and atlases circulate for 4 weeks.

Undergraduates, BCC cross-registered Students, Adult Learners

  • Limit of 100 items at a time.
  • Books, microforms, and government documents may be borrowed for a six-week loan period.
  • Journals circulate for 2 weeks.
  • Current periodicals are available for in-library use.
  • Science Library maps and atlases circulate for 4 weeks.

Sodexo and B&N Employees, Campus Preschool

  • Limit of 50 items at a time.
  • Books, microforms, and government documents may be borrowed for a six-week loan period.
  • Journals circulate for 2 weeks.
  • Current periodicals are available for in-library use. Science Library maps and atlases circulate for 4 weeks.


Reader Services for Courtesy Borrowers

A borrowing card is not required to use Library materials and resources within the Libraries. In order to check out materials from the library, apply for a borrowing card at any service desk. For Courtesy Borrowers, access to licensed databases and BU ONLY material is only available for use in the Library. For remote access, only the Library Catalog is available. Courtesy borrowers do not have access to Interlibrary Loan.

The Courtesy Borrower application process is brief and can be performed during regular library hours at the Bartle and Science Reader Services desk locations in cooperation with a Library staff member. For verification purposes, a valid photo ID is required when applying for a Binghamton University courtesy borrowing card. Providing a four-digit PIN number allows the library to activate your personal online account privileges.

Alumni Borrowing PrivilEges

The Library extends borrowing privileges to BU alumni at no charge. May borrow books for a 6-week loan period. 15-book limit.

SUNY Open Access

Includes Clinical Campus students and faculty, Empire State College students and University in the High Schools Program students. Any current faculty, staff, or student member of a SUNY institution or participating community college is entitled to in-person borrowing privileges upon presentation of a validated SUNY ID card. Delinquencies will be reported to the home institution library.

Local Citizens

The Library extends borrowing privileges to members of the local community. Applicants must be residents of New York State living within 50 miles of the Binghamton campus. There is a $25.00 annual processing fee.

  • Limit of 15 items at a time.
  • Books, microforms, and government documents may be borrowed for a 6-week loan period.

Visiting Scholars, Faculty and Research Associates

  • Limit of 50 items at a time.
  • Books, microforms, and government documents may be borrowed for a 6-week loan period.
  • Journals circulate for 2 weeks.
  • Current and bound journals are available for in-house use only.
  • Visiting Scholars, Faculty and Research Associates have Reserve borrowing privileges, ILL privileges and may place recalls on books.

*The Binghamton University's Office of the Provost has requested that the Libraries send information about any delinquent accounts for visiting faculty and scholars directly to them.

BU Retiree 

  • Limit of 50 items at a time
  • Books, microforms, and government documents may be borrowed for a six-week loan period.
  • Journals circulate for 2 weeks.
  • Current periodicals are available for in-house use only.


  • Limit of 50 items at a time.
  • Books, microforms, and government documents may be borrowed for a six-week loan period.
  • Journals circulate for 2 weeks.
  • Current periodicals are available for in-house use only.


Due Date

All materials are due on the date due unless recalled, in which case the loan period is reduced. Courtesy reminders are sent to borrowers 7 days in advance of the book's due date. If email is not available, a paper notice is mailed.


Grace Period

A three-day grace period is granted for materials from circulating collections. The grace period DOES NOT apply to books that have been recalled or materials in Reserve and non-circulating collections. Materials returned four days after the due date accrue fines from the original due date. 


Library Account Information

Binghamton University faculty, students, and staff can monitor their library account information directly from the Library Catalog.  From the Library's home page, click Library Account.  

 All other borrowers, sign in using: Sign In Help For Community Borrowers. 

Courtesy borrowers can monitor their accounts by logging in with their library barcode (omit "29091" prefix and leading zeros) and the four digit passcode provided when applying for privileges. The library barcode is printed on the back of your BU ID card.

How it works

Once logged into your account, click LOANS and view the books checked out to you and the due dates. If a book has been recalled from you, the information will display in the Due Date column.  To view books you have recalled click on HOLDS. To view any outstanding fines and fees click on CASH TRANSACTIONS



Materials may be renewed at any time during the loan period if they have not been requested by another patron. Renewals may be made in-person, by presentation of the item to staff at the Bartle, Science or UDC Reader Services Desk, or online through your Library Account. 

Interlibrary Loan items can be renewed twice online. Presentation of the book to staff at the Bartle, Science or UDC Reader Services Desk is required to renew an Interlibrary Loan item a third time.

Renewal for University Students, Faculty, and Staff

Renew books online or in person with no limits. To renew online ALL books checked out, log into your Library Account and click on Renew All. To renew individual books, log into your Library Account, click on the underlined number and a pop-up window will display. Click on Renew.

Renewal for Courtesy Borrowers

May renew books twice online. After the second online renewal, books must be brought to the Bartle, Science Library, or UDC Circulation Desk to be renewed. To renew ALL books checked out, click on Renew All. To renew individual books, click on the underlined number and a pop-up window will display. Click on Renew.

Guidelines for Online Book Renewal

Undergraduate and Graduate Students, University Staff and Courtesy Borrowers may renew books online via Libraries' home page. Click on Courtesy Borrowers may renew books online via Libraries' home page. Click on Library Account and sign in.
The following items CANNOT be renewed on-line:

  • Reserve Materials
  • Books that have been recalled or have a hold on them
  • Study Carrel Keys
  • Courtesy Borrowers are unable to renew books if the books are overdue or if they have fines.

If an invalid renewal is attempted, a message will display indicating that the renewal was unsuccessful.



Materials can be returned to the Bartle, Newcomb, Science or UDC Library Reader Services Desks. A receipt will be provided upon request for in-person returns only.
Exterior book bins are also available at the entrances to Bartle, Newcomb and Science.
Reserve items must be returned to the Newcomb Reading Room.


Recall, Search, Request & Page from the Annex


If a book is checked out, you may request a Recall (available only to Binghamton University faculty, staff, and students) through your Library Account. In which case the borrower will be sent a notification to return the book at an earlier date. Notification will be sent to your e-mail address when the book is available. Materials are held at the Bartle, Science or UDC service desks for one week.

Borrowers who do not read their BU e-mail need to forward it to their pop mail account. Students, faculty, and staff may do this on the BU Brain. If borrowers do not have a BU e-mail address a paper notice will be mailed. To place a recall on a book that is checked out according to the Library Catalog, click on REQUEST on the Library Catalog Holdings Screen. A request form will display. Verify the information on the form and click SEND. 


If the book is not checked out and you cannot find it on the shelf, you may request a Search. Please stop at a service desk to place a search. Staff will communicate the item's status via email. 

Request for Processing

If the status of the book in the Library Catalog is on-order, in the pre-order process, or in-process, you may place a request in the Library Catalog (requires that you sign in to your Library Account) to be notified when the book is available. If the book has been received, it will be processed for you within 7-10 days. If the book is on-order, you will be notified of the expected delay.

Page an Item from the Library Annex

If a book is housed in the Library Annex, it is designated as Library Annex - PLACE A REQUEST in the online catalog. Library materials are paged directly from the facility. Click on the 'Request' field that appears next to that item in the online catalog or fill out an Annex Request Form to initiate the process. Requests received by 8:00 am will be available by noon the same day Monday - Friday. The Annex is closed on weekends. 
Requested materials are delivered to designated service desk locations and held for one week. 


Recall Policy

Library books may be recalled immediately, if needed for Reserve or after two weeks, if requested by another patron. A recall automatically reduces the loan period for a book and a notification of the new due date is sent to the borrower. Material must be returned by the date given on the recall notice regardless of the original due date. A $1.00 per day fine is assessed for the late return of recalled books. The maximum recall fine per book is $15.00.


Circulation Fines and Fees 

A fine structure for the late return or late renewal of library materials has been established to assure all patrons maximum access to Library materials. Repeated, flagrant violations will be considered cause for suspension of borrowing privileges.

Fine Structure

Circulating books: $0.50 per day per book to a maximum of $15.00 per item
Recalled books & non-circulating items: $1 per day to a maximum of $15.00 per item
Reserve material: Reserve fines continue to accrue when the libraries are closed.  2-hour loans: $.05/minute per item. Next Day loans: $5.00/day per item. 

Videos & DVD’s: $5.00/day to a maximum of $50.00 per item

Journals: $5.00/day to a maximum of $50.00 per item
Laptops: $.25 per minute. $2200 replacement fee after 24 hours
Netbooks: $.25 per minute. $350 replacement fee after 24 hours

Fines may be paid immediately in the Library Cashier's Office (check, money order, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover & BUC$) or at the Bartle Reader Services desk by check or with BUC$. BU student fines and fees are forwarded to Student Accounts for collection after 72 hours at which time they may be paid through BU Brain or at the Student Accounts Office. Community borrowers may pay fees or fines at the Bartle Library or Science Library Reader Services Desk.
An overnight computer process is required before the fine for a book renewed in the Library Catalog appears in the BU Brain. If an overdue book is renewed online and a fine is assessed, the fine must be paid in order to register, obtain a transcript or diploma. Any questions, please contact the Bartle Library Reader Services Desk (777-2194), the Science Library Reader Services Desk (777-2166) or

Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) Fees

Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) materials: $1.00 per day per item. Costs assessed by the lending library, which exceed $20.00 per item, will be passed on to the requestor.

Lost Study Carrel Key Fees

If the occupant of an assigned study carrel reports that (s)he has lost their carrel key, a $50.00 fee will be assessed in order to reimburse costs incurred to the Library. When the lock change fee is paid, the carrel occupant may reapply for a study carrel assignment.

Damaged Item Fees

Borrowers will be billed for items which are returned damaged.

Lost book Fees

Patrons who lose library material will be billed:
  • A minimum* of $75.00 per item lost
  • A $20.00 processing fee

*Binghamton University Libraries reserves the right to invoice patrons more than the minimum based on type, availability, and value of replacement material.

If a lost book is returned within 90 days, the lost book charge is removed and late fines will be reinstated.  Processing fees will remain on the borrower's account.

Replacements In Kind

With prior approval of the Head of Reader Services, a borrower has the option of giving the Library a new, exact replacement of a lost book, in lieu of paying lost book charges. Processing fee will remain on the borrower’s account.


Notification and Responsibility

Patrons are responsible for all transactions charged with their ID cards. As a courtesy, an email notice is sent one week before the library material is due. An overdue notice is sent 4 days after the item is due. A reminder of the overdue item is sent when it is 11 days late. If the item is not returned 1 week after this reminder, the item is considered lost and the library will send an invoice for the replacement of the material plus a $20 processing fee.

Lost ID cards must be reported to the library Circulation Department in either Bartle, Science Library or UDC, and to the Registrar's office.


Change of Address

Binghamton University Students may update their addresses by going through the BUSI Web Center then accessing the change of address form. The form may be mailed or faxed to the Registrar's office.



Library materials may not be taken from the Library unless those materials have been properly checked out or authorization for removal has been given. The willful mutilation or unauthorized removal of Library materials is subject to prosecution under New York State law. The Library is equipped with an electronic security system to deter theft. In addition, identified Library staff may search bags, briefcases, etc. at the Library's exit to assure compliance with these regulations.


Confidentiality of Library Records 

Confidentiality of Library records is governed by New York State Law. Information regarding Binghamton University borrowers is considered confidential. Requests for disclosure of information will be denied and referred for review by University counsel in consultation with Albany.


Photocopiers, Microform Copiers and Scanners

BU students, faculty and staff can add value to their BUC$ card at the Card Management System located on the first floor of the Bartle Library and on the first floor of the Science Library. Library visitors may purchase a guest BUC$ card for $1.00 and add value to the card.


A BUC$ card operated photocopier ($.10 per copy) is available in the Bartle Library (Reference).


Combination microfilm/fiche readers are located in the Bartle Library in the Newcomb Reading Room. There are microfilm/fiche reader/scanners located in the Microform Collection in the Newcomb Reading Room. These machines can scan pages of microfilm or microfiche and then you can choose to send the information to your email account or save the information to your H: Drive.


Scanners are located in the Bartle Library on the 1st floor. Two walk-up book scanners are located near the reference stacks area and one is available in the Newcomb Reading Room. Several flatbed scanners are also available in the Information Commons. As a courtesy, the Libraries request that patrons limit scanning time to 10 minutes (if other patrons are waiting to use the scanner).


Locked Study Carrels

Library study carrels are available for registered students based upon an agreement by the Library and the Senate Library Committee. ASSIGNMENTS ARE BASED ON THE FOLLOWING PRIORITY GROUPS.

First: PhD students who are designated as ABD by Binghamton University

Second: PhD students who have already completed their master's degree

Third: Graduate students

Occupants are expected to adhere to the guidelines, including vacating the carrels at the expiry date. Failure to comply with study carrel guidelines will result in termination of study carrel privileges.


Locked Study Carrels Guidelines

1. The Library does not assume any responsibility for personal property, including private computers, left in study carrels by occupants.
2. All study carrels have been provided with a connection to the BU network. All computers located in study carrels must be powered off when the occupant is not present. Computers that are left on may be powered off by Library staff. Due to security concerns, private computers may not be configured to function as a server or host server-type services to remote users. Study carrel occupants are expected to comply with the Binghamton University Computer and Network Use Policy. Violations will result in immediate suspension of services.
3. All Library materials in study carrels must be charged out to the carrel occupant. Study carrels will be checked regularly; books and periodicals not charged will be removed. A notice will be left for materials not properly charged to patrons. A second notice will constitute grounds for automatic termination of carrel assignment during a semester.
4. Smoking, food or drink, appliances, heating and cooling devices are prohibited in all study carrels. New York State Public Health Law 13-E prohibits smoking in the Library.
5. Objects are not to be attached in any manner to study carrel walls, doors or glass panels. Due to safety and security considerations, any material covering glass panels will be removed.
6. Carrel occupants must indicate use of the carrel by initialing sign-in sheets. If the indications are that the person to whom the study carrel is assigned is not using the carrel at least once a week, it may be reassigned to another patron. Reassignments will not be made without notice. When, under special circumstances, a carrel occupant will not be using the carrel for an extended period (two weeks or more), the occupant must notify the Head of Circulation Services.
7. Study carrels are not to be shared without prior approval. Carrel occupants who allow unauthorized use of their carrels are subject to termination of their carrel privileges.
8. If a carrel occupant reports (s)he has lost their carrel key, a $50.00 lock change fee will be assessed to reimburse fees charged to the Library.
9. If a carrel is not vacated by the date the assignment expires, occupant will be assessed a $50.00 lock change fee and a hold will be placed on Library and Registrar records. This procedure is necessary to protect each occupant's privacy and personal property.


Course Reserves

Each semester on a course by course basis, instructors are invited by library staff to submit Course Reserve requests. This cooperative effort provides increased access to course specific articles, books and media. Physical reserves are are assigned 2 Hour, 3 Hour and Next Day loan periods that increase circulation among course members. Reserves are located at the Newcomb Reading Room (main campus courses) and the University Downtown Center Library (UDC courses) and available during regular branch library business hours. Electronic items (PDFs) are posted to Blackboard and provide 24/7 online availability.

Reserve materials are only available to current Binghamton University faculty, staff, students, adult learners, and current SUNY Open Access faculty, staff, and students.

Reserves staff are happy to post copyright and OCR compliant PDFs to Blackboard and offer general Reserves assistance via and 


Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) services are available for the University faculty, staff, and students in support of research activities. When complete monographic works are obtained in photocopy format, they become the property of the Library.



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