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Meet this Year's Fellowship Recipients

Greetings to the friends and family of the Link Foundation:

I am pleased to inform you that throughout the past year the pioneering work of Ed Link and the legacy of charitable giving in support of education which was held dearly by Ed and Marion Link have continued to progress.

Doctoral fellowships in the amount of $25,000 each were granted to some of the very best PhD-level students in the nation in the fields of energy resources development and conservation, advanced simulation and training, and ocean engineering and instrumentation. As you view these fields, it is easy to understand why each one of them is central to the progress of humankind. The importance of developing new energy resources and ways to use and conserve them is of paramount significance to human beings on this planet. Advancements in simulation and training are enabling fields ranging from medicine to transportation to the military in increasingly important ways. With regard to ocean engineering and instrumentation, we are reminded that about 70% of the world's surface is covered by oceans and seas, and therein may be found resources of all kinds to sustain us in the future. Based upon the research completed and in progress, as well as the positions attained by our former Link Fellows, we are encouraged and emboldened to believe that our fellowship support continues to shape the minds from which future, path-breaking discoveries will arise.

Additionally, the Link Foundation supports even younger and brighter minds to attract them to the study of the sciences.  For example, during the coming year we will mark the 40th year in which the Link Foundation has provided scholarships for students in the Summer Internship Program at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute of Florida Atlantic University. This program, together with our other programs of scholarship support for high school and college science students, will enable young minds to make future discoveries that will improve life on our planet.

As friends and donors to the Link Foundation, you are part of this widening circle through which we are benefited and through which we can benefit others.

We are proud of the past achievements of the Link Foundation and the accomplishments of the scholars supported by the Link Foundation.  We look forward to a bright future in which the Foundation will continue to further the important interests of its founders, Edwin A. and Marion C. Link, by supporting outstanding students at various levels of their education. To do so, we need the continued financial support of those who share these interests and of those who have benefited in the past through the philanthropy of the Foundation.

We welcome you to the Link Foundation website and encourage you to review it in its entirety to gain a better understanding of the significant work of the Link Foundation and its most recent achievements.


Thomas F. Kelly, Ph.D.
Chair, Link Foundation Board of Trustees and Special Advisors
Professor of Management and former Dean of the School of Management
Binghamton University, State University of New York (SUNY)