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Dear Friends and Family of the Link Foundation:

Several events of significance in the work of the Link Foundation occurred this past spring.

In March a lecture, by Dr. M. Dennis Hanisak and Dr. Andrew M. Clark, and a reception was held on the campus of Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (HBOI) at Florida Atlantic University to honor the 60th anniversary of the Link Foundation and the 40th anniversary of the Summer Intern Program at HBOI. The Link Foundation and several other organizations and individuals have supported the intern program since its inception.  Some of the brightest students in the nation and internationally have pursued marine science and ocean engineering careers due to their internship experiences at HBOI.  Given the dependence of our society on the oceans – and the food supplies and minerals they contain – the Link Foundation continues to support future generations of scientists and engineers whose discoveries will contribute to the betterment of humankind. 

In May, Binghamton University of the State University of New York conferred an honorary doctoral degree upon Marilyn C. Link. This degree recognized her decades of philanthropy and her significant career as a teacher, a pioneering pilot, an airlines administrator, former Executive Director of Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, a volunteer-leader for many not-for-profit organizations, a Trustee of the Link Foundation, and currently a Special Advisor to the Foundation. Marilyn’s wise counsel has guided our work for decades. With Marilyn’s abiding philanthropic support and, most of all, her love for the Link Foundation and its work, we and those whom we support have greatly benefited through her efforts.

Also in May, the Board of Trustees of the Link Foundation affirmed its decision to increase our annual grants to Link Foundation fellows to the level of $27,000 per year beginning with 2014-2015 fellowship awards. We support about 10-12 fellows annually as they endeavor to complete their doctoral-level research in fields such as advanced simulation and training, ocean engineering and instrumentation, and energy resources development and conservation. It is difficult to think of three more important fields to the future of humankind. When we consider how simulation is being used in medical and military endeavors as well as in many other fields of study; when we reflect upon the need to more fully explore, understand, and utilize the oceans of the world; and when we discuss future energy needs for our global society, the significance of the research that the Link Foundation supports is central and critical to our future and that of the world.

Further, during this past year the Link Foundation made grants of approximately $500,000. Some grants supported colleges and universities that were of interest to our founders, Edwin A. and Marion C. Link. Other grants supported accomplished students from the level of junior high school through doctoral studies who are pursuing the study of the sciences and engineering in fields of primary interest to our founders.

Our work is supported by individuals like you who share a belief in the importance of higher education and an interest in these critical fields of endeavor. On behalf of the Board of Trustees and Special Advisors, I thank you for your previous gifts and ask for your continuing support and encouragement of our work.

I hope you will enjoy perusing the information provided on our website.

Best wishes.

Thomas Kelly signature
Thomas F. Kelly, Ph.D.
Chair, Link Foundation Board of Trustees and Special Advisors
Professor of Management and former Dean of the School of Management
Binghamton University of the State University of New York