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Link Fellowship Awardees For 2016

Modeling, Simulation and Training

ImageName: Salam Daher
Department: Modeling and Simulation
School:University of Central Florida
Project: Physical Virtual Patient Bed
Research Advisor: Dr. Gregory Welch

Ms. Daher is a PhD student in Modeling and Simulation at University of Central Florida and is currently a Graduate Research Assistant with SREAL Lab working on the multi-projection and simulation of the Physical Virtual Patient project. Between 2007 and 2012, Ms. Daher worked full-time as a multimedia software developer with Vcom3D where she led projects, developed software, created content and interfaced with subject matter experts of different fields (medical, military, and different languages and cultures). Ms. Daher received a B.S. in computer science, a minor in mathematics and in arts from the Lebanese America University where she graduated with high distinction in 2004. She also graduated with a high distinction with a M.S. in Digital Arts and Sciences from the Computer and Information Science and Engineering department at University of Florida (UF) in 2006. While at UF, Ms. Daher co-developed the virtual reality project “Space Mission” that simulates a flight into space. The project remained on the UF Computer Science website for a year and the Digital Worlds Institute acquired the project from the team for further research.


ImageName: Daniel K. Nikolov
School: Institute of Optics in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at University of Rochester
Project: Eikonal+training and Simulation Platform: Enabling a New Generation of Optical Systems
Research Advisor: Dr. Jannick Rolland

Mr. Nikolov is originally from Bulgaria. He has completed his undergraduate degree in Physics and Mathematics from St. John's University in NYC. There he studied propagation of light through nano-waveguides. He started his PhD in the Institute of Optics in 2009. His current research is on optical design and, more particularly, the design of head-worn displays. He also started exploring various approaches to the design of smart glasses looking for novel and robust ways. He is currently working to enable the design, manufacturing and testing of a new generation of optical systems that leverage freeform optics and nanostructured surfaces (NSS).


ImageName: Samuel B. Schorr
Department: Mechanical Engineering
School: Stanford University 
Project: Wearable Fingertip Haptics for Enabling Medical Virtual Reality Training
Research Advisor: Dr. Allison Okamura

Mr. Schorr received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, Stanford, CA. He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in the CHARM Lab within the department of mechanical engineering at Stanford University. His research interests include haptics, tactile sensing and feedback, teleoperation, and medical robotics. He is supported by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.


ImageName: Mahdi Abbaspour Tehrani
Department: Computer Science
School: University of California Irvine 
Project: Mobile In-situ Visualization
Research Advisor: Dr. Aditi Majumder

Mr. Tehrani received a B.S. degree in computer engineering from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, Iran. He started his PhD in the computer science department of the University of California Irvine in 2012. He is currently working in the Interactive Graphics and Visualization Lab under the supervision of Professor Aditi Majumder. Mr. Tehrani is studying the problem of classifying foreshortening in different categories and has designed a new general paradigm along with an excellent user interface to address the problem of foreshortening in general. The basic idea is to take any object of arbitrary geometry and color and project light on it from multiple uncalibrated projectors to model, simulate and visualize different information on the object itself.


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