alumni in action

Spring 2013

Elliott Lieberman

Six members (and wives) of the 1962–66 swim team gathered for a reunion at the home of Elliott Lieberman ’66 (of Lake Lieberman fame) in Baltimore in summer 2012. Left to right are Ed Carroll ’66, Jim Schultz ’67, Russ Keeney ’67, Molly McGinnis Keeney ’67 (timer), Charlie Dayton ’66, Todd Howritt and Lieberman.


How did Elliott Lieberman’s name end up on the “lake” behind Newing College? Click here and then click on the August 1987 issue (20th anniversary edition) of the Lake Lieberman Gazette and read the piece from Mark Halperin.

Karen Roth

The Women in Business student organization held a networking event and panel discussion on Jan. 17 at Deloitte in New York. Karen Roth ’87, left, senior vice president for Element Financial Group (pictured with student Cyndi Chin), was one of the panelists.

Sandy  Wasser

Sandy Wasser sports her Bearcat pride as she joins community members and alumni for fun, food and basketball games at Winter Madness in early February.


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Drew Wolin

Drew Wolin graduated in May 2012 with a degree in financial economics. He had a job lined up, but it didn’t start for two months. So off he went to Africa to teach English and math in Tanzania and to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. His blog details the challenges and rewards of his solo adventure and
offers advice to anyone contemplating a similar trip.


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