Fall 2010 Table of Contents


Binghamton's largest lab is ripe for research


Vincent Daniel ’94, the investment guru who foresaw the 2008 implosion of the financial industry, views the markets with the practiced eye of a cynic. Daniel takes little at face value and needs time to crunch the numbers before forming his own opinion.


The Class of 2014 arrived on campus in August. They’re all individuals, yet share some defining characteristics.


Jennifer Turck, MPA ’09, enrolled in Binghamton University’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) program to enhance her knowledge and advance her career. She never expected the program to change her life, but that’s exactly what happened.


S3IP's goal is to put higher-performance electronics into smaller packages — and help boost the economy.


Binghamton psychologist Steven Jay Lynn says don’t rely on hypnosis to help “refresh” your memories of past events.


The Other Side

As dean of the School of Management, Upinder Dhillon is all business. But one week each year, he leaves campus and goes to camp: specifically, Sikh youth camp.


Scott Diamond became the first Binghamton University baseball player to reach the major leagues when he was selected to join the Minnesota Twins for the 2011 season.



When Oktay Sekercisoy, MA ’00, MBA ’02, flies halfway around the world, which he does frequently, he always takes a little bit of Binghamton University with him.



These two Watson School graduates gained perspective on their futures while working at a ski resort