Fall 2011 Table of Contents


Most day jobs just aren't funny enough


Binghamton students who travel to India to study it as an emerging market get a lesson no books can deliver.


New computer-aided engineering lab with state-of-the-art software offers more opportunities for collaboration


Distinguished Service Professor Susan Strehle ensures more than 1 million essays from the AP English Literature exam are graded fairly and consistently.


Many of Binghamton's incoming freshmen are technically sophomores before their first year is done.


For graduate students, sometimes the most useful advice isn't about the dissertation.


Federal prosecutor Nick Lewin '96 couldn't understand what he was hearing when, after a month-long trial of an al-Qaida operative, the jury foreman kept saying, "not guilty."


The Other Side

Tim Lowenstein might look like an ordinary runner, until you look in his closet.


Meet this year's Athletics Hall of Fame class




These two Watson School graduates gained perspective on their futures while working at a ski resort