Fall 2012 Table of Contents


Oilman says facts are clear that CO2 is a threat


Historian Leigh Ann Wheeler's new book, How Sex Became a Civil Liberty, shows how current assumptions about sexual rights have their roots in free speech


A stem-cell biology course covers so much ground — history, law, politics, science, religion — that it takes two professors and a priest to teach it.


Through the LACE program, Harpur College alumni show students that a liberal arts degree can take them anywhere


Provost Donald Nieman says there are a lot of challenges in his new job, but being a superhero isn't one of them.


Experts take the reins in Associate Professor Kim Jaussi's leadership class.


The Other Side

Steven Tammariello is an associate professor of biological sciences and a semi-pro football player.


Bearcats baseball player Mike Danaher accompanied team physician Douglas Kerr on a medical mission to Africa.




These two Watson School graduates gained perspective on their futures while working at a ski resort