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Jay Walder (summer 2010 issue) may think he’s some kind of hero, but he and the rest of the people who run the MTA are anything but heroes to the hundreds of thousands of working people in New York City who have to pay higher subway and bus fares and put up with fewer bus lines, fewer trains and fewer subway workers in return for those higher fares. >>MORE

Your article in the summer 2010 Binghamton University Magazine regarding President DeFleur was outstanding. Dr. DeFleur sure put her stamp on Binghamton University. The academic programs grew during her tenure, and the reputation of the University is outstanding. >>MORE

I just finished reading “19 years, 10 months & 17 days,” Binghamton University Magazine’s (summer 2010) tribute to now-retired President Lois B. DeFleur. The fact that Dr. DeFleur met and surpassed her goals is certainly laudable. However, I am moved to point out that all it takes is a single instance of hubris or over-confidence to take the shine off the shield. >>MORE

The article in the summer 2010 Binghamton University Magazine got me thinking. As a member of the Class of '62, I entered Harpur in 1958. This was the year that the Binghamton campus opened with new dorms, a new student union and a new theater. >>MORE

I’m not sure how you could write this article [on Lois DeFleur] and fail to mention the numerous breaches of ethics committed by DeFleur in regards to the men’s basketball program. The academic fraud that marked the program throughout, and public scandals that followed, is also a significant part of DeFleur’s legacy. >>MORE

... there is a growing shortage of doctors in the United States. This will become acute if the healthcare reform succeeds in covering another 30 million people. While it’s much harder to start a med school than a law school, maybe Binghamton ought to consider that. >>MORE