In Memoriam

Wolfgang Paul Kappe dies

Kappe was professor emeritus of mathematics >> MORE


John David Walker dies

Walker was professor of English >> MORE


Harold Llewellyn Geisse Jr. dies

Retired librarian was 91 >> MORE

Geography Professor Florence Margai dies

Geography Professor Florence Margai dies

Her unexpected death shocks campus community >> MORE


Bernard Levy dies

Levy was professor emeritus of English >> MORE

James Carrigg dies

James Carrigg dies

Carrigg was a founding member of Watson School >> MORE

Professor Ali Mazrui dies

Professor Ali Mazrui dies

Mazrui was director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies >> MORE


Former dean John Colligan dies

He was dean of the School of Advanced Technology >> MORE


Chemist Bruce McDuffie dies

McDuffie made headlines for discovering methyl mercury in tuna fish. >> MORE


Musician Duane Skrabalak dies

He was director of the Master of Music with Specialization in Opera program >> MORE