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ART. Jessica Fridrich, PhD '95, specializes in hiking into remote canyons and deserts to take photographs.
EDUCATION. Jenna Wolfe '96 shares her fitness philosophies at
EDUCATION. Scott Mautz '91 is an author and inspirational speaker who leads Procter & Gamble's marketing division.
MUSIC. Austin Marolla '97 is a doctor of optometry, a licensed Reiki master and a musician with two CDs. His website,, focuses on the interplay of health, wellness and music.
BLOG. Eric Giuliani '02 is traveling the world using public transportation, a journey that he is documenting with photography, video and introspective commentary.
BLOG. Stacy Barnett Mozer '95 has a blog called Sporty Girl Books, for girls who love to watch, play, read and write about sports.
THEATER. Santino DeAngelo '13 is a composer, producer and playwright with a double major in classical civilizations and myth in performance.
ART. Christine Elizabeth Curtis '12 studied painting, graphic design, and printmaking while earning a degree in in economic financial analysis. She is selling her art on
ART. Lucy Krupenye '78 is an award winning sculptor who creates wall hanging assemblages out of found objects such as stone, wood, metal and bone.
ENTERTAINMENT. Kevin O’Keefe ’81 is artistic director of Circus Minimus, which lets children join the circus without running away from home.
CHARITY. Lee Karchawer '05, MBA '07, started Pay Away the Layaway, which lets people donate money to be used to pay off layaways for deserving families at the holidays.
MUSIC. Christopher Ullman '86 is a four-time winner of the International Whistling Contest. He has performed in the Oval Office, on NPR and on television.
MUSIC. Camille Thurman '09 is a jazz musician who plays sax and flute. She also has a four-octave vocal range.
ART. Cheryl Haines '77 owns Haines Gallery in San Francisco and also is the founder of the FOR-SITE Foundation, which helps connect artists to nature and historic venues.
ENTERTAINMENT. Joshua B. Ludzki, MBA '13, and Michael Grasso '07 keep tabs on what's entertainment-worthy in Binghamton on their website
ENTERTAINMENT. Joe Kowan '91, a.k.a. J-Krafty, sings, composes, blogs and even shows up on stage at TEDx events!
ART. Colin Goldberg '94 is an artist and designer. He combines printing and paint to produce graphic, futuristic art.
BLOG. Ann Harpur Campbell '04 and '05 is a nationally board certified nurse practitioner with 15 years experience in integrative medicine. Her website is The Original Bloom, with information on integrating medicine with the latest research and teaching approaches on meditation, yoga, nutrition, energy and principles of traditional Chinese medicine.
LITERATURE. Leah Umansky '02 has a new book of poems titled Don Dreams and I Dream, a Mad Men-inspired chapbook, out this year from Kattywompus Press. Also, three poems inspired by Game of Thrones have been published in POETRY and also are being translated into Norwegian. Read some of Umansky's poetry at her website,
ENTERTAINMENT. James Brendan McLaughlin, Alessandro Raffanelli and Brett DeCoylse all '04, have developed a travel website called The purpose of the site is to provide networking, inspiration and a streamlined set of tools to promote the experience of traveling.
CHARITY. Charles Goldsmith ’74 created a nonprofit organization to continue the work he began as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mexico from 2009–12. The Central Mexico Youth Fund supports activities that help children, adolescents and young adults get a quality education and lead productive lives in Mexico.
BLOG. Deborah Miran Serri '02 blogs about her new business, called Granonut, which makes a nut-free granola.
ENTERTAINMENT. Jeremy Honig '01, Evan Behlivanis '03 and Brian Frankel '01, all former members of the nationally renowned Binghamton Crosbys, have started a custom songwriting company called
BLOG. Sue Brumm '02 writes about competitive climbing in the Northeast in her blog, Chalk Dust.
EDUCATION. Missy Gluckmann '90 is the founder of Melibee Global, which offers tools, speakers and professional development for the global education and travel communities.
CHARITY. Helaine Lobman ’80 runs Bob's Blankie Brigade, which provides handmade blankets to domestic-violence victims and cancer patients. It is a continuation of work started by her parents.
BOOKS. Gail Leicht '85 offers a series of travel books called The Skinny On ... that get right to the point of what's worth seeing and what to skip in selected cities. The guides offer discriminating suggestions on restaurants and focus on what locals want visitors to see in Chicago, San Francisco and New York. The next Skinny guide will be for Boston; look for it in 2014.
BLOG. Amy Durant '96 writes a blog called Lucy's Football, which she describes as being a little bit of everything: current events, humor, open letters, theater, books, entertainment, snark and what's going on in her life.
ART. Catie Molinaro '06 opened Dosha Goddess, a jewelry company based on the Ayurvedic doshas, which use color as an artistic medium for balancing the mind and body.
BLOG. Jennifer Miller '89, MBA '91, writes about creating a successful career.
LITERATURE. Frances Andreu '11, also known as Fancy Chang, reviews books at Fancy Reads!
ART. Alan Lupiani '88, MBA '91, blogs about art openings and the New York City art community.
MUSIC. Matthew Coleman '11, publishes The Music Court, an eclectic music blog that focuses on reviews of new bands, '60s music and an assortment of music-related topics.
BLOG. Tara F. Hall '98 writes in the genres of nonfiction, horror, suspense, erotica, and contemporary and historical paranormal romance. She also blogs about writing.
BLOG. Elan Barnehama '78, author of the novel Finding Bluefield, writes about writing and random issues and events.
MUSIC. Mike Uva, MA '95, has released his third record, Lady, Tell Me Straight, with his new band, the Bad Eyes. Sample the music and read more at
MUSIC. Howard Herrnstadt '70 and his band, Xpress, have released a CD titled Brothers from Other Mothers. Read a review of the CD at Leicester Bangs and sample the music on
BLOG. Matt Mendelsohn ’85 is a photojournalist, portrait photographer and writer. He tells stories with photos and writes about the stories behind the photos.
BLOG. Michael A. Weiss' 83, author of Confessions of a Professional Hospital Patient, has been battling Crohn’s Disease for almost 30 years and has been hospitalized more than 200 times. He blogs about healthcare and chronic illness at
BLOG. Darlene Morales '06 is a health coach who blogs about food (check out her back-to-school breakfast), health and wellness at
EDUCATION. Corey Maass '99 created a website called that helps users track their daily expenditures via email.
BLOG. Debbie Koenig '87 is a writer specializing in food and parenting. She has a new cookbook, Parents Need to Eat Too, and a blog with recipes and resources.
BLOG. Chris Paquette '12, George Murphy '12 and Kyle Seeley '11 have adopted Binghamton as their hometown and are working to promote the positive and change the negative.
CHARITY. Dan Cherico '08 will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, as part of the Summit for Someone campaign to benefit the Big City Mountaineers program. Big City Mountaineers offers wilderness mentoring expeditions to urban youths to improve integrity, self-esteem, responsibility, decision-making abilities and communication skills.
EDUCATION. Gayle Kirschenbaum '75, an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and motivational speaker, offers seminars to help people transform difficult relationships. She uses "the seven healing tools," which she developed, to teach people how to accept themselves and move relationships forward. Kirschenbaum also shows My Nose, an award-winning documentary about her mother's relentless campaign to get her to have a nose job.
ENTERTAINMENT. Charlotte Meehan '83, associate professor and playwright-in-residence at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, has started a theatre company called Sleeping Weazel in Boston.
EDUCATION. Sebastian Rodriguez '08 has a website called CourseHorse that makes it easy to find and register for classes offered all around NYC.
BLOG. Kwame (Patrick) Marfo '03 urges those who care about Africa to visit his blog and share ideas on how to deal with Africa's great challenges — harnessing its human, financial, physical, social and natural resources — in ways that let the continent realize its potential.
BLOG. Robyn (Spodek) Schindler '03 has been working with children for nearly a decade and blogs about issues concerning children and teens. Her business, Paint the Stars Art Therapy, offers a creative approach to psychotherapy for children.
BLOG. Lee Jacobs '85, president of Lescoja Corp. and developer of the Matte For Men skincare line, has launched Startup Warfare, a website for sharing the lessons he has learned from creating a business.
ART. Ryan John Lee '09 is a photographer and filmmaker.
EDUCATION. Tak Hui '02 is a math teacher in New York City who has created an online mathematics website called XP Math. It's a free resource for students, teachers and parents containing math games for remediation and enrichment. At Binghamton, Hui majored in mathematical analysis and minored in computer science.
BLOG. Joseph R Alila, PhD '99, has made a career as a chemist, but found a calling as an author. Since 2007, he has published 11 novels and two epic poems. His themes are influenced by struggles with spirituality, marriage, adjusting to diverse cultures and his world travels.
BLOG. Jeff Kaylor '07, magician, has been touring the world for the past two years, performing in more than 180 cities in 13 countries.
ART. Karen Simon '77 is a graphic designer who created the poster Rise Above after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Later it was accepted into the permanent collections of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and The Library of Congress. To mark the 10th anniversary of the attacks, the image was put up on a billboard outside the entrance to the Queens-Midtown Tunnel. She has been interviewed by Imprint, an design magazine online.
CHARITY. Dahlia Rissman Graham '06 founded Corazon de Dahlia, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of struggling, impoverished Peruvian families and their community.
BOOKS. Dori (Margolin) Weinstein '89 writes books that help children celebrate their Jewish heritage.
BLOG. Julian Baldwin '11 is the founder of, which covers news and events related to startups and entrepreneurs in New York state.
BLOG. Andrew Kardon '94 has launched, a "social shopping" website on which users can compare prices, look for deals, read product reviews and interact with other shoppers to share opinions, offer gift ideas and blog.
BLOG. Gary Shapiro '77 answers the question "should we be optimistic about the future of innovation in America?"
BLOG. Jennifer Weston '93 created a website that offers reviews of bucket-list-worthy experiences such as swimming in a bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico and shark cage diving on Long Island.
LITERATURE. Andrei Guruianu ’01, PhD ’10, has published several books of poetry and is founder of The Broome Review, a literary journal.
LITERATURE. John E. Smelcer, PhD’11, is the author of more than 40 books and one of the last speakers of the Ahtna Athabaskan language, an endangered Alaska Native language.
BLOG. Shannon Hayes ’95 writes about the local food movement and cooking.
BLOG. Nicole Hunn ’94 shares gluten-free recipes and information on celiac disease. Her son was diagnosed with celiac disease as a baby.
BOOKS. Craig Edmund Klepin, MBA '93, has written A1 Sales Pro, a book on sales for business executives.
LITERATURE. Joshua Palmatier, PhD ’06, is a mathematician who writes fantasy novels and blogs.
MUSIC. Roger Lee Hall, MA ’72, is a music preservationist.
BLOG. Brian Frascella '06 is a contributor to the Careers blog on Design News. This post is a top-10 list on how to succeed as "the new guy." He is an engineer at Moog Inc. Search Design News for his name to read more posts.
CHARITY. Joe Curtin '05, MBA '06, is raising money through his website, Namaste Nepal, to enable the Nabin Primary School in Nepal to purchase land to accommodate a new building and the children's first playground.
MUSIC. Catch indie-pop singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson ’01 at one of her upcoming gigs.
BLOG. Sara Oren ’08 finds foster and permanent homes for dogs in shelters by writing about each dog and posting a photo.
BLOG. Michele Boston ’72 and her organization, No Time for Poverty, were building a clinic in Haiti when the earthquake struck in January 2010. Photos and blogs of the volunteers who made medical missions to help the earthquake victims are gathered in an e-book.
MUSIC. Scott Krokoff ’93 is a former tax lawyer who gave up his day job to follow his dream of becoming a musician. He is now an independent singer-songwriter. His latest acoustic track is "Pissed Off in Paris."
CHARITY. Lisa Greenwald ’02 and her mother, Jo Ann, sell “Pastries with a Purpose.” Lisa’s sister, Emily, created the recipes. A portion of the profits from the sale of their pastries benefits the research of epilepsy in women.
MUSIC. Jeff Jacobs ’07 is a singer and songwriter who says, "The greatest satisfaction is when somebody is moved by a song I've written."
MUSIC. Co-founder of the rock band Sonic Youth, guitarist, vocalist and producer Lee Ranaldo ’78 is also a visual artist and author.
DANCE. Bill T. Jones learned to love dance while at Binghamton University. Now he’s receiving a Kennedy Center Honor to mark his career as a dancer and choreographer.
INTERNET TV. Director Bracey Smith ’07 and writer Josh Bernhard ’07 are working on another episode of their original dramatic series, Pioneer One. See the pilot episode and follow their vlogs.
BLOG. Adam Gilbert ’05 runs an online coaching service that helps people of all ages, sizes and shapes stick to their diet and exercise plans.