Summer 2013

Leaders conference informs and inspires alumni

Leaders conference informs and inspires alumni

More than 200 alumni returned to campus this spring to show pride in their Binghamton roots and commit to being involved in the University’s future. At the Alumni Association’s inaugural Alumni Leaders Conference, some of the University’s most actively engaged graduates learned about issues that are critical to the University’s continued growth and how they can play a role in making Binghamton the premier public university of the 21st century.

“There was so much I learned about myself at Binghamton, and I took that into the real world,” says Geraldine Toussaint ’08. “I appreciate that so much that I have to stay involved. I owe it to students to share my experiences with them and help them. I tell them ‘I’ve been where you are, this is where I am now, and you can do it too.’”

Toussaint is an admissions and career development volunteer, is active with the Metro New York Chapter and was recently elected to the Alumni Association board.

“For me, it has been amazing to see the progression at Binghamton University,” says Justin Joseph ’05, MBA ’06. “From when I started in 2002 to now, 2013, there have been so many changes. There’s a pride that I have. I want my school to be the top public school in the country. My involvement, whatever it can be — time, money or mentoring students — can help the University get to the next level. One person can’t do it; together we can all make a difference.”

Joseph is active in planning TAU alumni events.

During the conference, the Alumni Associated awarded Medals of Distinguished Service to 12 alumni, recognizing them for their volunteer efforts on behalf of the University and notable accomplishments in their respective careers. They are:

Richard L. Alpern, Esq. ’69

Jenny N. Barbee ’07, MS ’09

Daniel R. Black ’94

Elizabeth Kay Boland ’79, MS ’82

Bruce Cameron, MAT ’88

Howard B. Eisen ’87

Carl T. Ernstrom ’61

Dr. Joseph M. Kolly ’88

Elaine M. Miller, MA ’83

Donald A. Mones ’85

Hugo J. J. Uyttenhove, MS ’75, PhD ’78

Virginia P. Walker, MSW ’12.

Additionally, three others received distinguished alumni awards (pictured above, from left to right). They are:

Sheldon Goldfarb ’73, who says Binghamton University made him more confident and competent, positioning him well for a career as a financial services lawyer. He is the general counsel for RBS Americas and chief legal officer for its consumer bank, RBS Citizens Financial Group. For his professional accomplishments and longtime support of the University, he received the 2013 Glenn G. Bartle Distinguished Alumnus Award.

Donna Lupardo, MA ’83, who finds public service rewarding and says she gets a great deal of satisfaction knowing she tried to change things for the better. Recognizing the impact she has made on the local and campus communities, the Alumni Association presented her with the 2013 Edward Weisband Distinguished Alumna Award for Public Service or Contribution to Public Affairs.

Motivational speaker Arel Moodie ’05, who is less concerned about making money than about making a positive impact on humankind. Moodie wrote the book Your Starting Point for Student Success, and his trademark is telling young people “you are awesome.” The Alumni Association honored his work by presenting him with the 2013 Lois B. DeFleur Young Alumnus Award.

Interested in being a volunteer?

There are many ways to stay connected to Binghamton, and being an alumni volunteer lets you help students while supporting the University. Opportunities for volunteers include:

— leading alumni chapters

— counseling prospective students

— offering internships

— talking to students about your profession

— participating in skill-building events such as career nights and etiquette dinners



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