Fall 2010

Where in the world are Bearcats now?

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Oktay Sekercisoy, MA '00, MBA '02, on his way into Toronto.

When Oktay Sekercisoy, MA ’00, MBA ’02, flies halfway around the world, which he does frequently, he always takes a little bit of Binghamton University with him.

Sekercisoy knew the University was diverse — the native of Turkey came here as a student in 1998. But during his trips abroad as Binghamton’s associate director of dual-diploma programs in the Office of International Programs, he realized just how diverse it really is.

“Last year, I traveled in 12 different countries and met with friends in Colombia, Canada, Turkey and India who graduated from Binghamton. This summer, I arranged a boat trip with three Binghamton alumni and parents of an alumna in Turkey,” says Sekercisoy, who also is a citizen of Canada.

And thus, the Traveling Bearcats project was born. Sekercisoy unfolds his Bearcats banner in a distinctive foreign setting and has a photo taken. The pictures go on Facebook for a group he created, called Traveling Bearcats.

“Wherever I went, I received a great reception and comments not only from Binghamton students and alumni but from strangers who heard about Binghamton University,” he says.

Sekercisoy hopes students and alumni will take Binghamton items wherever they travel and show how far the University reaches and how deep their pride runs.

His next stops: China, Korea and Singapore in December. Look for Traveling Bearcats on Facebook.com.