Fall 2013

Interview with a Bearcat

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Emma Kurth has played soccer since she was about 5 years old. This spring will be the first semester that she and her fellow seniors on the team won't be student-athletes.

One of the last things Emma Kurth will do this season as co-captain of the women’s soccer team is cook a turkey — or a flock of turkeys — whatever it takes to feed the 20-plus teammates who traditionally gather for an early, team-cooked Thanksgiving dinner before they head home to their families. Kurth is one of seven graduating seniors (all roommates) on the team, and her upcoming semester will be her first without soccer.

Life after soccer

“Not being a student-athlete will be a little scary,” Kurth says. But she’ll have time to do something she’s never done: travel abroad. She’ll be an NBC intern at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, in February.

Non-soccer goals

Kurth has a double major in Spanish and English.  Her favorite classes were Introduction to Journalism with Mary Haupt and Rhetorical Foundations with Lois Einhorn.

Leading the team

“The biggest responsibility is keeping the team in the right mindset. We make sure people know when they’re doing great and that they are staying positive when the team hits a rough patch,” Kurth says.

Playing in style

Kurth wears gold and green custom cleats embellished with her number, 19, and a little e. “Little e” is her brother’s nickname for her.

Cheering section

“My parents are amazing sports parents; they haven’t missed a single game,” Kurth says of Richard ’74 and Michele Kurth of New Jersey.

On the ball

Kurth hopes employers understand the dedication demanded of a Division 1 athlete. “It’s not only working as a team, but learning to put others before yourself. It’s something a lot of people don’t get to experience.”