Fall 2010

Faces in the crowd

The Class of 2014 arrived on campus in August. They’re all individuals, yet share some defining characteristics.

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Jonathan Cohen
Freshmen, from left, front row: Karen Coronel, Julian Aronowitz, Rachael Mott, Jacquelyn Morris and Kristy Chan. Back row: Peter Wallin, Ian Miller, Keith Watson Jr., Joe Garrant and Tomas Kerr.

Most popular guy’s name for Binghamton freshmen: Michael. This was the most popular baby name in 1992, when many of this year’s freshmen were born; it also was the most popular boy’s name between 1961 and 1998

Most popular girl’s name for Binghamton freshmen: Emily. This was the 7th most popular baby girl’s name in 1992, but rose to No. 1 for 1996–2007

Number of freshman applicants: 27,160

Average high school GPA: 94

Average SAT score: 1289

Acceptance rate: 40%

Freshmen enrolled: 2,239 (approximate)

Where are they from?

Most are from New York state:

Broome and Tioga counties: 7%
Upstate New York: about 30%
Long Island: 22%
New York City: 19%
The incoming class of international students (freshmen and transfers) represents more than 50 countries, with the majority coming from South Korea, China, India, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Peru and Turkey

62% of incoming freshmen have AP or transfer credits
29% say they are the first in their family to attend college

Top residence hall choice for freshmen: College-in-the-Woods

What they packed: graphic T’s and skinny jeans, rain boots and flipflops, minidresses, cell phones, laptops, iPods

Overheard words: chillaxin, dumb, ill, GTL, tanorexia, bromance

Formative years: The Magic School Bus debuted in 1994, when the freshmen were toddlers

Hit songs at graduation parties: “California Gurls” by Katy Perry, featuring Snoop Dogg, and “OMG” by Usher, featuring Will.i.am

Movies they saw before they left home: Inception and Toy Story 3 (probably with mom sobbing in the seat next to them)