Fall 2013

Where are they now?

The Outing Club lets out a secret

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1963 yearbook
Top to bottom: B. Gordon, Alan W. Goldsmith ’65, P. Newman, T. Wood, John F. O’Meara ’63, Barbara (Kurz) Stewart ’65, Elizabeth (Betsy Harvey) Foster ’65, Amy (Bookshin) Brunn ’65, Madge R. (Hackman) Halpern ’64, Jeffry Adelman ’64, Richard Foster ’64, Andrew Bergman ’65.

When we came across this photo in the 1963 yearbook, we couldn’t help but wonder if any of the Outing Club members still enjoyed the outdoors. And if they still climbed trees. We tracked down four of them; here are their remembrances (and confessions) about the club.

From Richard Foster ‘64

“Fifty years have slipped away, but the memory of that particular photo op remains vivid. I believe it was the brainchild of Al Goldsmith (top, center) who was a very creative fellow and on the yearbook staff. Al, John O’Meara (in tree, right) and I were on the soccer team (John and I being co-captains that year). It was the third year of the program and the first year with as many wins as losses on the season’s record.

“Betsy (B. Harvey) and I were married August 1965 and became teachers. She became a reading and writing specialist at the middle-school level and I became a high school English teacher, department chair, soccer and tennis coach. Both of us spent most of our careers in the Warwick Valley Central School District in Warwick (Orange County) N.Y.

“We always enjoyed the outdoors: hiking, family camping, backpacking, canoeing, cross-country skiing, fishing, golfing, gardening and biking. In 1976, I became an original member of a hardy band of fellows nervously approaching middle age and its diverse debilities, both imagined and real, called the White Mountain Safari Club. We proceeded to climb mountains, canoe rivers and take bike rides of up to 100 miles a day throughout that dreaded phase of life.

“Betsy and I now divide our year between a house on Mayfield Lake in the southern Adirondacks and a house in Punta Gorda, Fla., where we still engage in walking, boating, golfing, gardening and biking, although I have recently turned to a recumbent model for relief of lower-back pain.

“The people in the photograph were all delightful in their own ways, but alas, I recall that the year’s total Outing Club activities consisted of one picnic up the hill behind campus and this terrific photograph, but it had to begin somehow. Thanks for the memory jolt.”

– Richard Foster ’64, who says he climbed a tree last year (with a ladder, does that count?) to trim some tree branches.

From Madge Hackman Halpern ‘64

We formed this group in order to get another photo in the yearbook. At the time, Harpur College had a few lefties defying the system. This was just a little example.

– Madge Hackman Halpern ’64, who says her careers have included being a housewife, mother and clinical social worker. She last climbed a tree about four years ago in an attempt to create an outdoor reading space for her grandchildren.

From Alan Goldsmith ‘65

The sole purpose of the Outing Club was to have a picture in the yearbook. Posing for it was our one and only activity.

– Alan Goldsmith ’65