Photo of Binghamton University President

Fall 2016

It’s time to build on our success

One of the advantages to being president of a great university like Binghamton is that I get to see amazing things happen.

Sometimes it’s on a grand scale, like watching our new Health Sciences campus rise, phoenix-like, from the abandoned factories of nearby Johnson City. Or it’s hearing a faculty member describe the way her research may change the way people from different backgrounds interact. Most rewarding is seeing the personal growth a student experiences by learning from a revered professor, interning with a premier firm or studying abroad in London or Seoul.

You can read about the remarkable impact our campus has in this issue of Binghamton University Magazine, and I hope as you read you will share the pride we have in our faculty, our students and our alumni.

Of special interest to me is the cover story on complex systems. This aptly describes a modern university, with all its moving parts and interactions. A president’s challenge is to get everyone moving in unison. Binghamton does this better than any place I know.

Indeed, this was my primary aim when I announced our Road Map initiatives in 2012 — to guide the University on its path to premier. Now, four years later, we’re bigger and better. That doesn’t mean we stop, though. As the higher education environment is changing, we need to change with it. This is why I’ve called on the University community to come together to renew our Road Map with collaborative projects that leverage resources and inspire innovation. These Road Map Renewal projects will be announced in fall 2017.  In the meantime, email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to let me know your thoughts — and stay tuned!

Harvey G. Stenger

Photo: Jonathan Cohen