Photo of Binghamton University President

Fall 2011

Binghamton makes me proud to be president

My time as president of Binghamton University — the second time around — is drawing to a close. I’m amazed at how quickly these months have flown by and at how much has happened since my return in 2010 to this thriving campus. Binghamton University was great when I was president from 1972 to 1974, but it has since grown to be even more exciting.

We have successfully achieved reaccreditation with the highest possible marks from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, created partnerships with other universities in the United States and the world, laid the groundwork for a successful NYSUNY2020 challenge grant and solidified our position as a SUNY university center, strengthened our extensive international connections and developed countless entrepreneurial business partnerships, which are essential to providing the resources we need to fulfill our public-service mission.

These accomplishments are due to our faculty, staff, students and alumni who move us forward by pushing the boundaries of learning, research and practical service. This was never clearer to me than after the September flood, when we had to move classes and offices out of our Downtown Center and find space for them on the main campus within a few short days. We barely missed a beat, and some have said our “re-entry” was seamless.

What is more astonishing is that we did this even as we sheltered as many as 1,800 people in the Events Center and West Gym — more than 100 with serious medical needs — who had been evacuated from their homes.

It’s reasons like these that make me proud to be part of Binghamton University. I will soon be gone, but will never forget — or stop caring — about this remarkable University. It is one of the special loves of my professional life. 

Thank you,

C. Peter Magrath


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Photo: Jonathan Cohen