Spring 2013

Road Map prioritizes goals for growth

In January, I gave my State of Binghamton University address to hundreds of faculty and staff in Lecture Hall 1. It was a team presentation, with reports from the University’s five vice presidents — Donald Nieman, Brian Rose, Bahgat Sammakia, Marcia Craner and James Van Voorst — and Director of Athletics Patrick Elliott.

Our message that day: Binghamton University needs to get better to get bigger, while also getting bigger to get better.

I believe that the effort put in by more than 400 volunteers in the past six months to develop our Road Map’s 3I’s — initiatives, innovations and ideas — has given us tactics that will make us better, bigger and more measurable.

We plan to get bigger by adding 400 undergraduate students, at least 100 graduate students, 33 tenure-track faculty members and 35 staff members in 2013. This expansion will help boost the local economy, enhance our research efforts and help increase our name recognition around the world.

Getting better will come from being an engaged, diverse, inclusive, global, safe and healthy campus community. We’ll strive to expand our academic and research programs, enhance our learning environments and focus our resources on areas of strength. We also will work to increase our reach beyond New York state and support our faculty and staff with better training, technology and facilities.

The bottom line is that we have to ensure that our students are successful.

Our Road Map process has given us a guide to becoming better and bigger. The vice presidents, Road Map committee co-chairs, deans and I have examined and prioritized the 176 proposals put forth by our nine teams and have organized them under five strategic priorities. The proposals selected for implementation will serve as our Binghamton Plan for 2013.

The Road Map report was unveiled to the campus and community on April 8 and is available online at binghamton.edu/president/road-map for everyone to read. Last year was a good year, and 2013 will be even better!

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Harvey G. Stenger


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Photo: Jonathan Cohen