Fall 2016

Harpur Perspective

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New faculty hires and centers are part of the Harpur journey

The pages that follow showcase a selection of recent accomplishments in our dynamic and ambitious community.

A world of knowledge

Harpur College’s recent investments in Middle East studies will enable students and scholars alike to benefit from a unique blend of linguistic, cultural and political perspectives.


With four faculty choreographers, 25 student dancers and a live band onstage that featured students, alumni, faculty and community members, the Theatre Department’s production of “Orpheus” was not the typical spring dance show.

Harpur Edge: Year One

Harpur Edge helps students prepare for graduate school and careers while providing them with the resources to enrich their college experience.

Graduate students earn prestigious research awards

Graduate students are flourishing in a variety of research interests, from administering studies on campus, conducting research abroad, working with faculty and serving as mentors to undergraduates. Graduate students are preparing to make a difference in the world.

Harpur fellows reach out to Kenya, Haiti, Egypt

Harpur Fellows do more than design a project that serves the community: They change the lives of people of all ages.

A half century of teaching: Professors mark 50 years

Harpur faculty Preus and Sticca mark 50 years of teaching at Binghamton University.

International enrichment

A husband-and-wife team direct an archaeological project field school for Binghamton University's summer program in France.

A homecoming song

It has been said that the bonds formed in college can last a lifetime. Many pairs of friends make memories long after their undergraduate days are done. Others make an album.

Gibb’s study helps predict depression risk in children

How much a child’s pupil dilates in response to seeing an emotional image can predict his or her risk of depression over the next two years.

Alumni Award winners offer advice to Class of 2015

Success requires graduates to “be bold” and to “dare to be imperfect,” Harpur College Alumni Award recipients told the Class of 2015 during Commencement ceremonies May 15.

Quam discovers evidence of 430,000-year-old murder

Research into lethal wounds found on a human skull may indicate one of the first cases of murder in human history — some 430,000 years ago — and offers evidence of the earliest funerary practices in the archaeological record.

Junior examines influence of Western oil companies

In the last 70 years, oil has made the Middle East one of the most prosperous regions in the world. Development didn’t happen on its own though, and Jon Mermelstein spent the summer researching the agents of change based in the United States.

Personal experiences drive research projects

On the surface, the 2015 Summer Scholars and Artists Program provides funding for the research and development of original projects by 20 under- graduate students, 18 of whom hail from Harpur College. Mentored by a Bing- hamton University faculty member, students are awarded $3,000 to complete their work, with an additional stipend of $1,000 to the mentor.

Meet the student writers

2014–15 marked the fourth year that Harpur College students contributed to Harpur Perspective.

Deborah Gray White ’71, LHD ’14

Harpur alumni receive honorary degrees

Three honorary degrees were conferred at Binghamton University's doctoral recognition ceremony

Harpur Dean Anne McCall

Ceremonies honor students, alumni

Dean McCall, Alumni, and Student Speakers address class of 2014

Dr. Adam Fox ’92

The Rx for reality TV

ABC show 'NY Med' features alum

Dr. Ken Zaslav ’79

Mixing surgery with entrepreneurialism

Virginia doctor is a success in and out of the operating room

Professor Tom McDonough

Art history professor spending fall at Harvard

Tom McDonough accepts visiting associate professorship at Harvard University this fall

Professor Anne Bailey

Professor earns Fulbright to study in Jamaica

Professor Anne Bailey studies the idea of "home"

Saruta Siriwatanakul, '15

From Brooklyn to Thailand, Harpur Fellows make a difference

Harpur Fellows use summer to make a difference

Spring 2014 interns, from left: Amanda Gurock, Marisa Monte, Shira Gelfand, Katie Kravat, Geoffrey Wilson, Kathryn Shafsky, Tania Rahman, Annie Taylor, Molly McGrath, Tiffany Moustakas. Not pictured: Mohamed Sesay

Student interns help tell Harpur’s stories

Students grow during a semester writing for Harpur Perspective

Marcella Green, '15

Scholars spend summer pursuing research, creative activities

Summer Scholars reflect on their independent projects

Marilynn Desmond

CEMERS director earns Rome Prize

Marilynn Desmond is using Rome Prize to conduct research at the Vatican

Medieval manuscripts find new home

15th-Century books 'bring an energy and vitality to the classroom'

Kevin Heard, MA '02

Back to campus

Harpur Alumni Return to Serve as Faculty Members

Florence Margai, Harpur College associate dean for graduate success, student success and faculty development

A new ‘Culture of Accomplishment’

Initiative helps, new junior and tenured Harpur College faculty thrive

Take charge with Harpur Edge

Program helps students create a road map for success

From the Dean

Dean Anne E. McCall addresses student, faculty and alumni