Go with the flow

Why we named our magazine Confluence

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Jonathan Cohen

Wondering why you’re reading Confluence and not The CCPA Chronicle or HDEV Digest? There’s a simple explanation. Take a walk.

Starting from the University Downtown Center — the 74,000-square-foot home of the College of Community and Public Affairs — head south, down the picturesque Chenango River Promenade, to beautiful Confluence Park, where the Susquehanna and Chenango rivers meet. Now take a deep breath and soak up the scenery. You’ll see that CCPA couldn’t be in a more fitting location.

Like the confluence of the two mighty rivers nearby, CCPA is a place where powerful forces come together — where people from a variety of fields work together toward the greater good, where theory and practice collide. In fact, CCPA’s mission is “to provide a very high-quality, innovative, professional education for some of the fastest-growing confluences of our society.” You see, synergy and amalgamation are in our DNA.

Just ask Paige Walker ’12, who experienced that convergence firsthand.

“I felt like every moment…was a great marriage between my personal interests, my academic pursuits and my professional goals,” Walker says in a YouTube video about CCPA titled “College of Connections” describing her classroom and field placement experiences.

Confluence also reflects CCPA’s commitment to community. Prior to construction of the University Downtown Center, the Public Archaeology Facility at Binghamton dug up thousands of artifacts, including an 800-year-old Native American longhouse. This area has been a community gathering point for thousands of years, and CCPA is committed to improving the lives of Binghamton’s modern “tribes.”

So, take one last look at Confluence Park, head north along the Promenade and enter the University Downtown Center. Like the rivers, you’ll see that CCPA is always “flowing,” that it’s a place where people of diverse backgrounds, disciplines and interests come together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

We think you’ll agree we picked the right name.