New faculty hires and centers are part of the Harpur journey

Achievements are leading us to embrace new goals

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It is a pleasure to introduce you to the 2015 issue of Harpur Perspective. The pages that follow showcase a selection of recent accomplishments in our dynamic and ambitious community. These successes come from decades of efforts across our college. These achievements are leading us to embrace new goals with the same drive and creativity that have made Harpur College a magnet for outstanding students, faculty and staff members since our founding.

Dean of Harpur College

You may have heard over the last few years that we are hiring a considerable number of new faculty. The transition is significant: Harpur College now has approximately 100 tenure-track faculty who were not here four years ago! All areas have benefited from this renewal, from the health sciences to philosophy and economics to studio art. We boast new centers for biofilms, complex systems and affective disorders. Our students can now study Turkish, learn about Indian agriculture and minor in Israel studies. We are forging partner- ships with strong universities around the world.

At the heart of our success is our commitment to our liberal arts mission. Knowledge about the natural world, human expression and societies is critical to understanding and solving the challenges of our times. The skills that our students learn as part of their process enable them to fulfill their potential and participate successfully in a society governed by change. I hope that you will take pride as you learn more of our journey as a college.

You are vital to the success of Harpur College. We welcome your participa- tion and financial support. And I look forward to seeing you back on campus or at an alumni event sometime soon.

Anne E. McCall
Dean, Harpur College of Arts and Sciences