Family Weekend 2013

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Left to right: Steven Wong, father; Sarah Wong, freshman; Grace Wong, mother. They are from Mahwah, N.J. Question: What is the biggest difference between your experience in college and your daughter’s experience at Binghamton? Steven: “My college experience was very different. I commuted to college and lived in New York City. My daughter is the first in the family to go away to college and stay in the dorms. So it’s a very different kind of experience.” Grace: “I went to school in New Jersey and I just came from the Philippines then. I stayed in my dorm a lot until my friends came to get me. I’m really impressed with Binghamton; Sarah seems to be enjoying herself. She’s happy here and everyone is friendly.” Sarah: “I really enjoy going away to school. I’m far enough that I don’t feel close to home, but I can take the bus and come home when I need to."
Photo by Jonathan King

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