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Get educated about Obama

After receiving the latest magazine, I’d like to get my name taken off all future magazines and contacts. If you rightly use bumbles and coverups as your criteria, Obama is probably the worst U.S. president ever, even worse than Jimmy Carter.

The most current example of many, many dozens of bumbles and coverups I could list began a few years ago when Obama promised that the U.S. taxpayer would not loose a penny in the acquisition of GM stock. A sale this week has cost me (and you) many billions.

I am amazed at how people are not educated to the real Obama since the facts are so readily available and I wonder why people choose feelings and persona facade over education.

Highly unacademic, Binghamton! You have got to get educated! I don’t want to be a part of this unearned enablement of Obama, so I want my name taken off all lists. I don’t exist as far as Binghamton is concerned.