overheard - what our readers have to say

John Cohoon

I graduated from Harpur College in 1954 with a degree in business. Over the years I have been on the opposite side of the fence from the administration for various reasons. However, when I read the summer 2012 magazine’s “Overheard” column, with its negative comments about new President Stenger, it set off alarms in my head. As a student in the 1950s at Harpur, economic conditions in the Southern Tier were very bright. Jobs were plentiful, living was good and the future looked very bright. Over the years it became entirely different in the area.

For president Stenger to be placing emphasis on economic and financial achievement at the University speaks volumes about his vision of how to overcome the current economic malaise of the whole country, not just the Southern Tier. To do this job demands that people be taught the nuts and bolts of how to create enterprises, manage these enterprises and create wealth. Obviously this is not the vision of Steven S. Rosenberg ’66 of Maryland, as he stated in his letter published in “Overheard.” Sorry, Mr. Rosenberg, that material success and competitive accomplishment on the sports field and individual financial success are not your “cup of tea.” President Stenger is to be applauded for his emphasis on “non-liberal” values.

Our nation and, for that matter, especially the Southern Tier need to achieve economically. President Stenger seems to me to be setting that goal for the University.

Good job, Harvey Stenger!