Summer 2014

Buscemi wins Legacy Award

Buscemi wins Legacy Award
Steve Seepersaud
Teaghan Buscemi follows in her mother's footsteps by enrolling in Binghamton.

Since she was a girl, Teaghen Buscemi ’17 has been hearing stories about Binghamton University. The Alumni Association’s Legacy Scholarship, which she’ll receive in the coming academic year, will help her create new stories.

Each year, the association awards $1,000 to an outstanding student who is the immediate relative of a Binghamton graduate. When the alumni office notified Teaghen about the scholarship, she was thrilled — for herself and mom Julie Buscemi ’88. 

“[She’s] very excited about the fact that I’m going to her alma mater,” Teaghen says. “I love this school, and I feel so grateful that I’m able to experience what my mom did.”

Teaghen is an integrative neuroscience major considering a career in medicine. She’s in the Binghamton University Scholars Program, a community for the top 100 applicants of each incoming class. She’s also involved with Habitat for Humanity, Autism Speaks and the Student United Way. 

“I think I’m meant to work in a hospital, whether I’m doing clinical work, research or administration,” Teaghen says. “My mom thinks that I will become a professor, because I won’t be able to stop learning.”

Julie, who oversees special education for a Rochester-area high school, says she was strongly influenced by the faculty and appreciated how they set a high bar for students.

“It set a standard for personal growth that I’ve carried with me and tried to instill in my kids and my students,” Julie says. “It’s exciting to know she’s going to have the wonderful experiences I had and walk away with a great education.” 

Julie didn’t expect to have Binghamton in common with her daughter because Teaghen had initially expressed a desire to attend a smaller school. 

“At the open house, [Teaghen] stopped in front of the Union, did a 360 and said, ‘This is it. This is where I want to go to school. This is where I should be!’”