Summer 2013

Chans keep skincare business glowing

Chans keep skincare business glowing
Steve Seepersaud
Alan, left, and Brian Chan balance careers with their family business.

With busy careers in law and finance, respectively, Alan Chan ’97 and Brian Chan ’00 didn’t need more work. But when they talk about their family’s business, Maylan Skincare, it’s easy to see why each puts 20 hours a week into the venture.

“We are passionate about what we are trying to do. We have gifts and talents in finance, law, science and business. This is a space for us to exercise those gifts,” Alan says.

Maylan started on Long Island nearly 20 years ago when Alan and Brian’s father, Henry (who has a science background) developed creams for their mother, Winnie, after she had a bad reaction to brand-name skin care products. Her friends tried them, and the ensuing buzz helped Maylan go from “home brew” to the marketplace.

The most popular products are eye, daily and overnight creams. Maylan is gaining market share in cities such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles, says Brian.

“The No. 1 question we get is, ‘Are you working on a men’s line?’ The men’s market is much smaller than the women’s, but is a fabulous growth opportunity. Dad’s always developing new things,” Brian says.

Alan and Brian laugh and call themselves Maylan’s venture capital. But there’s no joke about it, as the company, with no outside backing, makes sales through relentless networking. When pitching Maylan, the brothers are clear on what the products will and won’t do: They simply say the products are a small part of an overall regimen to take care of the body’s largest organ.

“A lot of people want to know how to remove the black puffiness beneath their eyes. My first response is to get more sleep and drink more water. We’re not going to sell a magic cream that will do that for you. We feel our company’s values are more important than to make false promises,” Alan says.


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