Fall 2013

John Lyons finds change is good

John Lyons finds change is good
Wayne Hansen
John Lyons speaks at the School of Management's spring 2013 Commencement ceremony.

John Lyons ’94 began his speech at the School of Management’s spring Commencement by asking the crowd to guess how many jobs he has had since leaving Binghamton. The new graduates were surprised to hear that Lyons is on his eighth, but he says that’s the way of the business world, and change is good.

“I kept getting hired into jobs that were more important and that paid more money, but I found that I really didn’t like what I was doing,” Lyons says.

Now he’s a senior analyst for Caxton Associates, a New York-based macro hedge fund managing more than $7 billion in assets. The fund made headlines this past summer because of its year-to-date increase in value of nearly 20 percent.

Prior to joining Caxton, Lyons was director in the credit opportunities group at Barclays Capital. He jokes now about losing two jobs (at UBS and Barclays) because the U.S. and Swiss governments had put a stop to proprietary trading.

“I’m proud that I’m in a stable situation now. During the financial crisis, I worked at two different places, but with the same colleague. When he landed at Caxton, he wanted me to come work with him.”

The School of Management named Lyons its Alumnus of the Year for his career achievements and support as a volunteer and benefactor. He has advised and mentored students and encouraged his employer to hire Binghamton students. In addition, he established a scholarship in memory of his mother to help students like him: transfers who are interested in finance and management and have financial need.

“I got a great education at Binghamton, and it set me up well for the professional world,” Lyons says. “Dean [Upinder] Dhillon was my mentor, and we’ve stayed in touch since I graduated. I always felt that if I was in a position to help the school, I would — and I have.”