Spring 2014

One to One plays encore

One to One plays encore
Steve Seepersaud
From left: Hillel Dolgenas, Frank Corica, Larry O'Connor and Guy Gabriel.

The places where they performed and the buildings they called home have changed, but their love of jamming has lived on for more than 40 years. One to One, a band that formed when the members were students at Binghamton, reunited at Homecoming’s 40th anniversary celebration of the Class of 1973 and played during the tailgate party.

“This is only the second time we’ve been together since we graduated,” says keyboard player Hillel Dolgenas ’74 of Brooklyn. “It’s awesome. We’re still doing some of our original stuff, plus some new stuff we wrote. We hooked it up then, and we’re still hookin’ it up.”

Drummer Frank Corica ’71 is the only member who remained in the Binghamton area. Bassist and lead singer Larry O’Connor ’73 moved to Washington state, and guitarist Guy Gabriel ’73 lives in Arizona.

They came together in 1971 when Corica owned a health-food store in Johnson City called Belly of the Whale. The other members of One to One worked for him, and eventually they discovered they had another common bond — music. Corica describes their style as classic rock, blues and a little bit of everything.

“We had a regular Saturday-night gig at the Honky Tonk Saloon on Henry Street, near the bus station,” Dolgenas says. “We were the precursor of the modern jam band. We’d play six or seven songs in one hour.”

Homecoming 2013 was the first time Dolgenas, Gabriel and O’Connor had been back to Binghamton since they graduated.

“I googled [the saloon] and found a guy who used to tend bar there when we played, but that was the closest I got to it,” O’Connor says. “We went to eat at the Red Robin Diner, which we were happy to see was still there. The prices were the same as in 1973, but not the food.”


Homecoming 2014 will be Oct. 17-19. Invite your friends to join you at homecoming.binghamton.edu.