Favorite meals and guilty pleasures

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After all was said and written about the careers and accomplishments and research of the Binghamton faculty, staff, students and alumni in this issue, we still had two burning questions for them: What’s your favorite meal, and what’s your guilty pleasure?

Here are their answers, and feel free to add yours in the comment section, below.

Name: Shannon Hayes ’95
Job: farmer and writer
Major: creative nonfiction
Favorite meal: “As the seasons change, my cravings change with them. Come July, I want corn on the cob and fresh tomatoes. In winter, I think of beef stew with my canned tomatoes.”
Guilty pleasure: “Rooibos tea — but I don’t feel too guilty about it; we’ve been in the spice trade a long time.”

Name: David Hambleton ’95
Job: farm manager
Major: environmental studies
Favorite meal: home fries with eggs (over easy)
Guilty pleasure: “I don’t feel too guilty about it: glazed doughnuts.”

Name: Eliot Fiks ’77
Job: owner of Whole in the Wall restaurant
Major: social change
Favorite restaurant: Ristorante Emiliani in Saugerties, N.Y. “It’s an old Italian restaurant, and I pretty much like everything there. It’s the quality of the food, the daughters who are the waitresses, it’s the love that gets put into it that I appreciate. That’s what we try to do at Whole in the Wall, and I appreciate the same.

Name: Kalpesh Desai
Job: associate professor, School of Management
Favorite meal: pizza with jalapeno peppers
Guilty pleasure: candy, especially Tic Tacs

Name: Patricia Di Lorenzo
Job: professor of behavioral neuroscience
Favorite meal: chicken and rice
Guilty pleasure: chocolate ice cream (and she means the good stuff, such as Hagen Dazs, Godiva, Edy’s and Ben & Jerry’s)

Name: Susan Terwilliger
Job: clinical associate professor, Decker School of Nursing
Favorite meal: “I grew up in a town settled by Italian immigrants. There were three awesome Italian restaurants in town; two are still there. Spaghetti and meatballs continue to be my favorite foods.
Guilty pleasure: “I love salty and sweet foods. I still remember the potato chips and homemade chocolate chip cookies in [Keuka] college.”

Name: Sven Vloedgraven
Job: senior and champion tennis player
Major: accounting
Favorite food: pasta, in just about any form, but especially with meat and vegetables in the sauce. Sven, a native of the Netherlands, says he enjoys the variety of food in Binghamton — Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican — foods he doesn’t eat at home.
Guilty pleasure: Strawberry ice cream and strawberry milk shakes

Name: David Whiting ’86
Job: owner of Red Newt Cellars Winery and Bistro
Major: biological sciences
Favorite meal: Start with a handmade ravioli filled with rhubarb and chèvre with a nutmeg cream sauce, followed by a nice, thick pork chop with a rhubarb and cornbread stuffing with Riesling rhubarb sauce. End with a simple dessert — crème brûlée.
Guilty pleasure: He tries to practice moderation and finds no guilt in wine and food.

Name: John McGregor, MA ’98
Job: owner of McGregor Vineyard
Major: anthropology
Favorite meal: Mexican
Guilty pleasure: fine cheeses

Name: Tom Macinski ’78
Job: owner of Standing Stone Vineyards
Major: chemistry
Favorite meal: “A favorite meal usually includes the location and the company. One particular favorite was a Sicilian breakfast of meats, cheeses, fruits and Italian coffee while watching eruptions on Mount Etna.”
Guilty pleasure: “I usually only feel guilty about quantity, although I will admit to liking Oreos way too much.”

Name: C. Peter Magrath
Job: president of Binghamton University
Favorite meal: “With apologies to vegetarians, whom I respect, rare prime rib of beef with mushrooms, asparagus, rich chocolate cake, wine and strong coffee (always coffee).”
Guilty pleasure: “Good milk chocolate, and Iceland (really!) produces some of the best.”