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5 Skills Hiring Managers Look for in Engineering Grads

You are now an engineer on the job hunt.

You know that you’re a highly skilled engineering graduate, but the job hunt can feel like a particularly arduous task.

Maybe you have a couple strong internships or some engineering competition wins under your belt.  Maybe you were a project team leader or a volunteer with a STEM outreach program.

But even with all your qualifications, it’s difficult to know out what will catch a recruiter’s eye.

So what skills are recruiters and hiring managers looking for? Read More >


TechWorks! celebrates the roots of simulation

Dozens of simulation experts and local students got the chance to look back at the growth of simulation technology in Binghamton Wednesday night-- as TechWorks! hosted its' 32nd annual simulation symposium.
"The industry is pretty niche, and there's a lot of need for engineers to come out and take these jobs,” Binghamton University Engineering student Vamsi Chivukula said. “It's growing-- so I see a bright future for this industry.” Read More > 

Designer 3D Prints His Own Wind-Powered USB Device Charger

wind powered USB charger

Anthony Dorsa is a sophomore mechanical engineering student at Binghamton University, and he's come up with a 3D printed device which is ingenious – and simple – in every way.

His wind powered USB charger was designed to work with just two specific pieces, and while he says it does work to juice up his portable battery charger, he's had slightly less luck getting it to charge his phone, but he calls it a work in progress.


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Colleagues and Car Guys

Alumni find professional challenges, success at Ford

Vladimir Bogachuk and Shawn Morgans

At Binghamton, Morgans earned bachelor's degrees in physics and mechanical engineering through the University's five-year, 3-2 physics and engineering program before getting a master's degree in mechanical engineering. Within a week of receiving final approval for his master's thesis, he joined Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Mich. Twenty-one years later he's still with Ford. Read More...

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Trash to treasure

Young engineers create sculpture from recycled parts

Sharon Aluma

Sharon Aluma '15, who is majoring in mechanical engineering, led the design and construction of the sculpture base. She values her time spent with Fellows both in SWE and in the classroom. "As a teacher, Sharon Fellows inspires everyone to completely think outside the box and to really use their imagination," Aluma says.  Read More...

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Commencement 2015 profile: Jordan Levine

Jordan Levine

Jordan Levine, a mechanical engineering major, will work for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as a technology consultant following commencement.

Read Jordan Levine's Commencement Profile here...

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Commencement 2015 preview: Meet the student speakers

Adam Lemma

Adam Lemma, a mechanical engineering major from eastern Pennsylvania, plans to pursue a career in the contracting field, mostly likely in the northeastern part of the country.
When asked why he chose Binghamton, he said, "I came to Binghamton because I'm a big fan of the diversity on campus, as well as the reputation of the program. I liked the 'tried and true.'"
Read the rest of Adam's story as well as the other here...

Mechanical Engineering graduate students receive Graduate Excellence Award in Research.

Vadim Bromberg Xiaoming Chen
Bromberg Chen

For full story go to

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First place awarded to grad students in Student Research

receiving award

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Mechanical Engineering Chancellor Award recipient, Jin Woo Lee, discusses undergraduate research

Jin Woo Lee

Jin woo Lee

"Participating in undergraduate research was a truly rewarding experience that helped me develop critical thinking skills and gain a clear understanding of what I should do for the future. Through the Summer Scholars and Artists program, I was able to pursue a research project of my interest and apply the theories I learned in classrooms to a practical application. This past summer, I explored the possibility of sterilizing medical equipment inside a body by optically heating gold nanoparticles. Micro and nanotechnology is a relatively new field with many discoveries yet to be uncovered.
Through this experience, I have become fascinated with the potential of using micro and nanotechnology to solve the modern day problems to serve people in need and make a lasting impact in their lives. I not only gained new understandings and concepts outside the classroom but also developed more appreciation for the theories and applications that are taught in classes. The summer experience provided me a clear direction to pursue in future research career. Without the Summer Scholars and Artists program, it would have been hard for me to make the choice to continue on to a graduate school and have a clear goal for the future years."

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Kelsey Pieper '09 and former president of Binghamton University's chapter of Engineers Without Borders, was selected as the Region II winner of the Student Initiative Award by the Association of Council Members and College Trustees of SUNY in recognition of the Nature Preserve stair system project she coordinated.

Maureen Gundlach, BSME 2006, recently presented a talk (sponsored by Binghamton University's SWE, ASME and SAE student chapters) on behalf of Continental AG, a tire manufacturing company located in Germany. Gundlach recently completed a two-year program, Conti Explore, Tire R&D Talent Initiative, where she was a member of a multicultural, high-performance team, working on state-of-the-art technological projects and also dealing with current business issues.

ME undergraduate student Brenno Veranda was named "America East Swimmer of the Meet" at the AE Championships. Also, three ME undergraduate students, Craig Coon, Kelsey Pieper and Brenno Veranda were inducted into the student athlete honor society (Chi-Epsilon) during the spring semester.

Last Updated: 2/25/16