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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering: Program Objectives

The primary objective of the curriculum is to prepare the graduates for professional practice in mechanical engineering or continued study at the graduate level, based on a thorough grounding in the fundamentals and skills used by the mechanical engineer. Our graduates, within the first few years of their careers, will achieve professional employment in the broad field of mechanical engineering or related disciplines, or enroll in programs of advanced study in engineering, science and other professions, including business, medicine and law. These objectives are consistent with the mission of the Watson School to provide instructional and research services in the broad field of engineering and applied science.

The emphasis in the Mechanical Engineering curriculum is on the application of engineering fundamentals rather than specialized areas within mechanical engineering. Care has been taken to ensure a balanced integration of theory, design and laboratory practice through the selection and sequencing of courses within the syllabus. Computer applications are an integral part of the total education program. The undergraduate program in mechanical engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). For program educational outcomes see: Program Educational Outcomes for the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

The curriculum has been designed to provide strong technical preparation in mechanical engineering. Students enter the BSME program either as freshmen, as transfers from other schools such as community colleges or other SUNY schools, or as internal transfers or dual degree programs from Harpur College of Arts and Sciences. Entering students to the program (as freshman) are part of the Engineering Design Division. After the fundamental concepts are studied, students advance to more specialized and robust Mechanical Engineering topics in our upper division courses. Exploration of individual interests is encouraged through the use of technical and open electives.

The Mechanical Engineering Department is committed to ensuring academic integrity, and the department abides by the Watson School's Academic Honesty Code.

How to Apply

  • Applying - The University's application forms are available online. Forms can be printed and submitted via mail or applications can be made online. If you have questions, feel free to contact the Watson School Advising Office (607-777-6203). Application Codes - In completing the University's application forms, use code 0268 (Mechanical Engineering) to indicate interest in Mechanical Engineering.
  • As previously indicated, the program also welcomes transfer students. Typically a two-year Associate of Science in Engineering science degree, or equivalent work, will transfer in as 60 credit package and junior-level status. Forms for transfer applicants are also available online. Additional information is available for international transfer students(.pdf,17kb).
  • There is a dedicated staff in the Watson School to assist current and potential future students with questions regarding program planning issues.
  • More information on all Mechanical Engineering Programs (both undergraduate and graduate) can be obtained from the University Bulletin. Graduate programs leading to the MEng, MS and PhD degrees are offered in addition to the BSME degree.

Accelerated "4+1" Master’s Degree Program for Bachelor of Science Students

A combined BS and MSME degree program enables mechanical engineering students to complete both degrees in a five-year period. Acceptance into the program requires a GPA of 3.3 or higher. Students interested in the program should begin the application process during their junior year. An application form is available in the department office. Applicants are required to meet with the director of graduate studies as part of the application process. In the program, students will be required to take three graduate-level courses as technical electives in their senior year, which also count towards the MS degree requirements. Students must apply for admission to the Graduate School at the beginning of the spring semester in their senior year. For more information about the MS degree requirements, refer to the mechanical engineering graduate program section of this document. Interested students should consult with their academic advisors about the program.

Accelerated "Fast Track" BS-MBA

The Watson School and the School of Management cooperate to offer a combined Fast Track BS-MBA program, which allows Watson students to earn an MBA in one additional year beyond the normal four-year BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. Interested students should apply in their junior year, and can obtain more information from the Watson Fast-Track Masters in Business Administration Combined Degree Program page. That page includes a sample Program of Study for Mechanical Engineering.

Other Programs

The department encourages students to earn an international studies certificate in parallel with the BSME. Students interested in this program should seek advice from the Watson School Advising Office prior to initial registration. Other program alternatives, such as combined degrees in mechanical engineering and computer science, are available to qualified students. Minors in computer science, sustainability engineering, and other disciplines are also possible.

Qualified students are able to participate in engineering practice through internships that are available with a number of local companies and undergraduate research with faculty.

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Last Updated: 10/14/15